5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

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Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholars.

Hobbits love second breakfast, go on awesome adventures, and are capable of amazing things! Does this remind you of anyone?

Homeschoolers! Check out these five ways homeschoolers are like hobbits.

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

Hobbits are the extraordinary, small folk of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Only the size of children (about the size of your average 5-year-old), hobbits are unassuming and perfectly content to do their own thing in the comforts of the Shire.

And yet, these little folks who prefer good food and comfort over meddling in the affairs of the big folk become the heroes of Middle Earth! I like to think of homeschoolers as heroes. Every day they are doing their best, finding their courage, and discovering the simple joys of life.

So how else are homeschoolers like hobbits?

1. They Need Second Breakfast.

Elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper? I know my little hobbits eat ALL. DAY. LONG. The need to provide three square meals and countless snacks every day is one of the hazards of homeschooling.

Poetry Teatime is always a big hit. As in, my little homeschoolers would happily consume all the tea and treats in the house in one sitting if I let them.

They are enjoyers of all good things to eat. If they were hobbits, they would need to loosen the buttons of their waistcoats!

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

2. Homeschoolers Are Always Ready for an Adventure!

Homeschoolers are not all grammar, flash cards, and workbooks. Some homeschoolers are not those things at all. Most of us LOVE hands-on activities and adventures. Like going on nature hikes or field trips!

Hobbits became the heroes of Middle Earth! Homeschoolers are heroes, too. Every day they are doing their best, finding their courage, and discovering the simple joys of life. Click to Tweet

Adventures always find us even when we aren’t looking for them. Like that time we went zip lining while hiking at the national park or when we tried roasted crickets as part of our history lesson with History Unboxed!

So, much like the Took side of Bilbo Baggins, homeschoolers are often overcoming fears, finding their courage, and readying themselves for adventures.

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

3. Homeschoolers Are Capable of AMAZING Things!

Potato clocks, rockets, survival shelters, and Morse code machines. Oh, My!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, as my 5-year-old would say.

Homeschoolers sure are capable of amazing things! Most of these happen right in our backyards or on the kitchen table. Plus, we tend to make things as hands-on as possible and use whatever methods work best for our kiddos.

Some homeschoolers road-school, while others may take part in dual enrollment with local and online colleges! Then there are the unschoolers, who learn everything they need to know by following their interests.

Similar to the hobbits of Tolkien’s creation, homeschoolers are amazing!

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

4. Homeschoolers and Hobbits Are Surprising!

You’re never sure if what you’re doing is working or if they are learning everything they need to learn. We tend to jump in with both feet and learn as we go. Making mistakes is all part of the process.

Your kiddo may enjoy a strict schedule that is completely mapped out and by the book. Or she may prefer a looser plan with more hands-on activities. Then again, you may find yourself in the world of eclectic homeschooling filled with great books, games, and conversations.

Surprisingly, homeschooling usually changes year by year. So, we homeschoolers must also be adaptable.

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

I would say that hobbits are also surprising and adaptable as well. Look at all they accomplished in Middle Earth!

5. We are Fun-loving.

Merrymaking and song were a signature of the Shire-folk. Homeschoolers love to have fun, too. Parties are always welcome whether they be book parties, co-op parties, or birthday parties.

Sometimes we throw an impromptu dance party just because! A gathering of friends is commonplace around our home. Dancing, singing, playing games, and even the slip-n-slide all happen frequently.

5 Ways Homeschoolers Are Like Hobbits

Except for the slip-n-slide, sounds like hobbits to me!

Now tell me, how do you think homeschoolers are like hobbits?

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