Weekly Wrap-Up: The one in which summer break is passing entirely too quickly

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I can’t believe I’m saying those words again already. I’m at a loss as to how this week has passed so quickly. I guess because we picked the kids up from camp last Friday and have had something going on every day since.

On Saturday, Josh worked behind-the-scenes at a local music festival for the school where he teaches (and used to be a student). He also got to perform a couple of songs. Megan commented on Sunday about what a good mood Josh had been in over the weekend. It happens every time he performs. It’s his gift and passion.

I’ve heard this rumor that he spoke to the youth at church on Sunday morning, too, as part of a follow-up to camp. This is my kid who used to be so super shy.

Chloe and her blankie

For Father’s Day, we sent my kids’ father off to Six Flags with my brother-in-law. They had fun, but I know at least one of them is not as young as he used to be. {ahem} They were home about 2 hours earlier than I expected them. It stinks to get old.

On Monday Megan had a doctor’s appointment, and Josh had one on Tuesday. Following Megan’s on Monday, the whole family had lunch out together. It was Brian’s last day of vacation and our make-up Father’s Day outing.

Before Megan’s appointment, Brian and I made an early morning run to Lowe’s to shop for a  new washer since the pump went out on ours over the weekend. We debated fixing it because Brian could have, but it would have been the 2nd pump replacement and the washer was having some other issues, so we decided to just get a new one.

It was delivered on Wednesday and on Thursday afternoon, I found myself pondering the fact that a washing machine may be one of the most expensive home purchases that no one is in a hurry to try out. I’m sure I’ll get around to washing the inaugural load later today or tomorrow.

There was a youth event at the church on Wednesday night, but Megan got a ride with a friend since our washer was being delivered, so I managed to not have anywhere I had to go one day this week. I’m happy that Josh can drive. He spent the day at the lake with some friends, but he drove himself to their house. He had a blast driving a jet ski for the first time.

box o' books

Wednesday afternoon I got a box o’ books for my personal summer reading: the most recent 3 Julie Garwood books that I haven’t read (actually, I think I may have read one of them, but I never did buy it and I can’t remember for sure if I read it, so I might as well read it again), Wonder (which came highly recommended – I started it last night and haven’t been able to put it down), and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The last two I thought Megan might enjoy, too.

Thursday morning, Megan had a meeting at the church for the high school mission trip (I can’t believe my baby is starting high school!) that she just decided to go on Wednesday night. Actually, she started asking about it on Monday, but we finally had enough details to give her the go-ahead Wednesday night.

I love that our church has wi-fi and comfy couches because it was a long meeting, but I was able to take my laptop and get some work done since parents weren’t expected to be at the meeting – you know, we just provide taxi service. {grin}

Today is grocery-shopping and maybe some laundry. Maybe.

homeschool teacher planner

See? Busy week. It’s no wonder it’s passed so quickly. Even though I was very excited to get my shiny new planner from A Plan in Place on Monday, I made myself tuck it away on my bookshelf. I’m refusing to think about school before July.

I’m just trying not to think about how close July is.

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