What Is Lattice Multiplication?

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I had a child who had trouble grasping multi-digit multiplication done the traditional way. I think it was keeping all those columns straight and remembering when and where to add zeros. Thankfully, we discovered lattice multiplication. It looks much different than the way most of us learned to multiply multi-digit numbers, but it makes sense – and it makes it much easier to keep all those columns straight.

Facts about and resources for lattice multiplication

After several months of using the lattice method of multiplication, my son was able to go back to the more traditional method and use it successfully. Lattice multiplication was a fantastic tool for helping it all make sense, though. I’m a firm believer in the idea that all kids don’t learn the same way, and if there are different ways to reach the same answer, why not explore them?

So, if you have a kid who is struggling with traditional multiplication methods, I’d encourage you to investigate lattice multiplication.

What is lattice multiplication?

I’m one of those visual, hands-on sorts, so I thought this YouTube video would do a much better job of explaining lattice multiplication than I could.

Why does lattice multiplication work?

I’ve got to be honest. I never really cared how or why lattice multiplication worked. I was just glad it did. For those left-brained types, though, this video from Kahn Academy does a good job of explaining the hows and whys of lattice multiplication.

Resources for lattice multiplication

When my son was regularly using lattice multiplication, we found a couple of really useful tools. First, it was much easier to work problems on large square graph paper (we like the 10X14 size). All she had to do was box off the correct number of squares and add the diagonal lines.

Next, we found these printable lattice multiplication templates.

Lattice multiplication with decimal points

We never used lattice multiplication with decimal points, but it’s just as simple as the regular method. Just watch this video to see:


Have you ever used lattice multiplication? What was your experience? Do you have resources to share? Please leave them in the comments below! 

Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!

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  1. I’m going to show this to Alexis, who has dylexia/dyscalculia/dysgraphia. I’m always presenting her with things to evaluate because only she knows what will help her. Maybe this will! 😀

  2. My best friend, whose a teacher, taught this to my girls but I think it confused them even more. It was a couple of years a go so maybe I’ll give it another go. You never know…..

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