What My Relevant Roommate Should Know About Me

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Okay, so most of the bloggers who are going to Relevant have known for months that they’d be going and it’s all they’ve been talking about for weeks.  I’ve know for slightly less than a week, so I hope you can bear with me for a few more days.  I’ve seen these “What My Relevant Roommate Should Know About Me” posts all over the web and, well, quite frankly, I’ve been a little jealous that I couldn’t write one.  Now I can!  Squee!

So, here we go, ten things my Relevant roommate should know about me:

1.  I am eternally grateful that Shannon not only asked me, two months ago, if I would like to room with her, but she was also obedient to God when He told her to wait about seeking another roommate when I told her it didn’t look like I’d be going.  Because I totally feel like I’m crashing her room and am thankful that she’s allowing me to do so, Shannon has my blessing to decide all house rules of our room.

2.  I have a probably annoying little habit of hitting the snooze button for at least half an hour.  As a matter of fact, Brian and I each have our own alarm clocks, each with two alarms.  I set mine for two wake times, thirty minutes apart — the time I need to get up and the time that I want to be warned that it’s almost time to get up.  Since we’ll have so much going on and because it’s probably an annoying habit when there is someone else around to hear both alarms — and the multiple snooze alarms — I probably won’t do that while we’re in Pennsylvania.  If I do, I give Shannon complete authority to throw pillows at me and tell me to get up.

3.  It takes me about an hour to get ready in the mornings.  Brian and I have this down to a science, since it only takes him 30 minutes.  I usually wake him up after I’m done in the shower, then, by the time I’ve got my make-up and hair done, we’re both ready.  I’m not sure how that’s going to work with two women trying to get ready at the same time, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

4.  I don’t know what everyone else considers a long shower.  Brian thinks mine qualify.  I usually spend about 20 minutes in the shower…and use a lot of hot water.  I don’t drink coffee, so my morning shower is what wakes me up each day.  But, hey, it’s a hotel; they should have plenty of hot water…right?

5.  I don’t talk in my sleep and I don’t snore…at least not very often.  As much as we’ll have going on while we’re at Relevant, I’ll probably be too tired to snore.

6.  I am so not a morning person, so, if Shannon is, she has my blessing to be the first one in the shower.

7.  I am a night owl.  Going to bed at midnight is pretty early for me.  As early as we’ll be getting up, though, I probably won’t be staying up as late as usual.  If I do, I promise to be quiet.

8.  I’m bringing my own hair dryer.  Those in-room hair dryers are pitiful for styling hair.  Shannon’s welcome to use my hairdryer if she doesn’t want to bring one.

9.  I’m bringing a couple of gallons of sweet tea, too.  Really.  I’ll share that with Shannon, too.  I think.  Maybe.  Most likely.  It’s that whole “grateful to have a roommate” thing.

10.  I like it really dark and fairly cold when I sleep.  I am, of course, adaptable, since Brian likes to watch TV in bed at night and doesn’t like it as cold as I do, but if Shannon’s a dark, cold room kind of sleeper, we’ll get along just fine.

In case I haven’t mentioned it in the last hour or so, I am so stinkin’ excited about this trip!!  I can’t wait to meet Shannon in person and I’m so grateful that she saved her roommate slot for me.  I am also incredibly grateful to Jolanthe and Jenn for whatever magic they worked to get me a ticket.  You three ladies are awesome and I can’t wait to hug your necks!

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  1. Kris – too funny about the sweet tea! I can't wait as well…getting my "home" in order today with cleaning, packing, picking out outfits etc.! Don't forget to bring something for the Samaritan's Purse for donations for the kids…Friday at lunch they are collecting! Safe Travels!

  2. Love the post =) If it's not to much to ask I could use the power of prayer from you and anyone else that might see this today. Thanks so much in advance!!!

  3. Don't forget your other roommate: Flat Jamie! She is a great listener, willing to stay up with night owls, be a perky if Shannon's a morning person. She won't even drink any of your sweet tea!

    (Not in any way claiming that non-flat Jamie is any of those things, but Flat Jamie is SO easy to get along with!)

  4. Melismama — OCC donations are already packed and ready to go.

    Crisc — Praying for your need.

    Jamie — You are cracking me up!

  5. sounds like you'll be a great roomie! you're so thoughtful. PS i will be coming to your room for sweet tea. 😉

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