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Let’s see who’s old like me. Who remembers reading Highlights magazines in your doctor’s office waiting room when you were a kid? If you do, you know how much more enjoyable they made the wait. If you don’t, you just don’t know what you were missing.

Add some geography fun to your homeschool with Which Way USA from Highlights.

Now there’s a product from Highlights that’s going to appeal to you not for its nostalgic value, but for its educational value: Which Way USA, a geography-based puzzle book club.

What is Which Way USA?

If you’re studying U.S. geography this year or you just want a fun, low-key, interest-led way for your kids to discover the United States on their own, you’ll want to check out Which Way USA. It couples an online site filled with games and activities with two monthly puzzle books that kids receive in the mail, creating a just-right blend of digital and physical activities for kids ages 6-12.

Use that age-range as a general guideline, though, because Megan and I had a little tussle over the puzzle books. We compromised, deciding that she gets the California book and I get the Texas one.

United States geography

You think I’m kidding, but, y’all, they have word find puzzles. I’m slightly addicted to word find puzzles and have been known to work entire placemat puzzles at restaurants under the guise of “helping” my kids find the hidden words. (Don’t judge me. My mom used to “help” me make lines in my ice cream cones by licking them for me.)

There are also crosswords, find the object pages, and find the differences pictures. I am a fan of all those, too.

What do you get with a Which Way USA Membership?

The introductory kit comes with:

  • Two 32-page state books and a state map for each
  • Which Way USA game guide
  • State license plate key tags that unlock games at WhichWayUSA.com
  • A keychain lanyard

Which Way USA review

You can also add a giant, full-color US wall map with sticker set (pictured) to your first order for $2.99. Megan and I liked the fact that the map features pictures of things each state is known for.

Each month, Which Way USA club members will receive two new maps, two puzzle books, and key tags to unlock online games. Visit the Which Way USA page to try out sample online games. The link and code are near the bottom of the page on the right.

Our Which Way USA review

Maybe we’re just map people because Megan and I also really had fun with the state maps. They’re huge, kid-friendly, full color maps that feature fast facts about:

  • State history
  • Geography
  • Major cites
  • State symbols
  • Famous people
  • State landmarks
  • State trivia
  • Cities, rives, mountains, and interstates

Which Way USA reviews

Should a homeschool mom admit making a comment about not realizing that a certain California city is as far south as it it? Probably not.

When I was originally approached about doing a Which Way USA review, I was hesitant because my kids are over the target age range. I agreed to do the review, however, because of Highlights’ long-standing reputation for quality and the fact that I know lots of you have kids who might enjoy it.

I’m so glad I did the review! I didn’t expect to have so much fun with it. And you’re never too old to learn – especially when colorful maps and word find games are involved!

Which Way USA codes

Which Way USA would make an entertaining, educational addition to your homeschool or a gift for a relative. This is one of those things I would have loved for someone to give as a gift for my kids when they were younger because, not only does it have educational value, but it gives them something to look forward to each month.


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  1. I’d love to go to Hawaii. I’ve actually got dreams to take a few weeks and do a cross-country trip before the kids are too much older. Camping/by train – so many options!!

  2. My husband and I were in the military, so we’ve been around a little bit 😉 Now we have kids, we have set roots, but our oldest sure does love to learn & explore other states besides ours. I think I would really like to see Washington for the beautiful scenery

  3. My husband grew up in Hawaii as a military brat, and taking our 3 girls there is a dream for sometime down the line!

  4. I would love to win this! We’re scrapping our ancient history curriculum this year (it just wasn’t working out for us, for now) and I decided to do a state study instead. This would be perfect!

  5. I would love to visit Maine, although perhaps not in the winter, as I’m a Carolina girl and don’t like it *too* cold. 😉

  6. Arizona…. because I’ve never been to the desert, and my best friend who lives out there just had a new baby. 🙂

  7. Depends on where my son deploys next! I’d like to be able to travel to visit when they leave California. I’d also love to see the east coast states someday.

  8. I also remember Highlights Magazine in the doc’s office! My two girls are 4 and 6 – we would love this. Right now I would love to visit my friend in Anchorage, AK!

  9. I would like our first distance trip to be to California to visit family, the beach, and to take my husband to Disney Land (kids too) for his first time.

  10. I’ve always wanted to visit the northeast states and see all the historic sites there. I guess Massachusetts would be my first pick from those states.

  11. I would most like to visit Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. So much of our history happened in that area. I do remember Highlights as a child and I am up there in the grandma age bracket now. Love, love, loved it!

  12. Which Way U.S.A. sounds really cool! I’ve always wanted to visit Georgia, Tennessee, and the other southern states. 🙂

  13. We’ve visited most of the states but nowhere in the far northeast. I would like to visit Vermont or Maine. Love Highlights and currently subscribe to high five!

  14. In My family we have 5 kids & my SIL has 4 so our Christmas’ are big parties! We enjoy getting Highlights & High Five from grandma each year. It’s such a great gift idea! This year in our homeschool curriculum were studying the states & capitals of the US. I think this set would be an excellent addition to our curriculum. Seems like a roadtrip should be next to visit some if these states!:)

  15. I have thought about purchasing this, but money was kind of tight at the time. I will need to reconsider it though! Next year we are doing a road trip along the Mississippi. This would be great to have along!

  16. I would most like to visit Alaska or Hawaii… I suppose anywhere would be beautiful. I’m centrally located in the N.E. and it’s beautiful but very similar. Can’t wait to explore the rest of the US!

  17. It’s a tie- either Alaska to experience the beauty of the wilderness, or Hawaii, because, well, it’s Hawaii! :). My daughter is working on her WWUSA state right now. Would love to win this so we can increase the frequency of shipments!

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