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While I really liked my accordion coupon file, it didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t going to be effective long-term, particularly after last Sunday’s coupon feast! I quickly decided that if I were left to sifting through all of my coupons every week, it was inevitable that I would miss something. I needed to be able to see my coupon, at a glance.

After looking at several options for organizing my coupons on the Money-Saving Mom blog, I decided on a coupon binder using baseball card inserts. I think that, ultimately, this is going to be extremely beneficial in my not overlooking coupons or missing those that will soon expire.

And, here you can see the labeled dividers:

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  1. Can I just ask…..where do you find all your coupons??? I’ve only been saving $3-5 each time I grocery shop….which isn’t much, but I have concluded that finding coupons isn’t that easy. Any advice???

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