Works for Me Wednesday: Five Back-to-School Tips

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It’s back-to-school time for kids everywhere, including homeschoolers!  So, I thought I’d share some of the best back-to-school tips that I’ve shared over the years.  These are the tried-and-true ones that I still use every year.

1.  Caring for books and workbooks helps me to preserve the shelf-life of books that we use regularly.

2.  Starting Slowly saves my sanity and helps us get back into the swing of school with less stress.

3.  Divided Lunch Trays make lunch fun and, believe it or not, often healthier.

lunch trays

4.  My Mom Binder, also known as my brain, keeps me organized and our days on track.

mom binder

5.  While the index cards are a few cents a pack, stock up and use these ten uses for index cards.

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  1. Awesome ideas! I love the index cards the best…my son takes them all and folds them into Origami! I may have to buy some and tell him they are off limits!

  2. When you homeschool you put the kids lunch on a tray?

    I have a 'brain' too. It is the only way to get from square one to square ?

    Have a good year. Our year starts September 6th after county fair… Our kids are in 4-H and county fair is Labor Day Weekend.

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to use a couple of them:) I love fellow homeschooling mama's wisdom!

  4. I took all of our books to our local press this summer and they cut the binding and three hole punched about 17 books for us FOR FREE! I didn't asked to have the cover un-punched, I figured it was free, so I would refrain my Type-A those days!

  5. I love index cards! They are my number one home organization tool and I plan to use them in homeschooling daily!

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