Works For Me Wednesday: Laundry Tips

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I picked up this laundry tip from somewhere on the web a couple of years ago. I don’t remember where, but I wanted to be upfront that it’s not an original idea. 😉

It is my dream to one day have an actual laundry room. For now, though, I’m stuck with my laundry closet. Even with limited space, however, it is possible to have some degree of organization in the laundry room…and to delegate the chore of putting the clean laundry away.
A couple of years ago, my husband added a half-shelf just above our washer. I bought three plastic baskets — one for each child. The baskets are stored on the shelf and I put the kids’ clean laundry into the baskets as I finish folding it.
Once the baskets are full, I simply place them in the kids’ rooms and put the “put away clean laundry” card into their chore pockets. This is much better than the former method which consisted of either me putting the clothes away or calling the kids away from whatever they were doing at the time (I mean, c’mon, even I don’t want to stop doing something fun to put clothes away. Why should they?).
I also read a tip in a magazine (I’ll tentatively say Family Fun) about what to do with the one sock that the dryer doesn’t eat. I strung some twine on the bottom of my shelf and clipped some clothes pins to the twine. I hang the mismatched sock from the twine until its mate reappears.
This is much better than just putting the mismatched sock into the kids’ drawers since they don’t seem to comprehend the concept of taking two matching, but as-of-yet-not-matched-together socks from their drawer and wearing them.

Oh, and then, there is the shower bar that I put in one corner of the laundry closet to hold all the empty hangers.

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