Works for Me Wednesday: Making Your Own Dry Erase Sheets

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In the past, we’ve often used page protectors when I wanted to be able to write on a sheet and reuse it.  I just drop the sheet into the page protector and use a dry erase pen to write on it.  That’s typically what I do for our Fifty State Fridays, for example.  I’ve been placing the notebooking sheet in a page protector and filling in the information for the kids to copy.  However, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I’d like something a little sturdier.  So, I used tried the Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Sheets that I use for our chore cards.  Perfect.

I have since found that they’re great for our Bible Study Guide maps, too.  I haven’t really used the maps much before, but now that all the kids are getting older, I’ve been trying to make sure to use them at least once a week.  (Surprisingly, all the kids seem to enjoy this).  For the maps, I really wish I’d copied them onto card stock first, but they’re still sturdier than the page protectors.  We can label whatever we’re specifically looking at each week, then, wipe it off until the next time.

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