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Works for Me Wednesday: Math Game Answer Keys

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In an effort to try to think about something other than this seemingly never-ending rain that threatens to carry us away, I thought I would post my Works for Me Wednesday tip.

Over our Christmas break, I took some time to make some self-checking answer cards for the number recognition game I’d made for my niece, Nim. The answer cards make the game more of an independent activity for Nim, as well as providing an extra opportunity to count the dots and see the number and number word.

I used colored self-adhesive circles and index cards, simply sticking the appropriate number of circles above the number/number word. Nim can then match the number/number word card to the card with the correct number of stickers:

math cards

Then, once she’s got them all matched, she can count the dots on the answer cards and look to see that she’s put the correct number/number word card with its matching sticker card:

math answer cards

We tried it out yesterday and it definitely works for us! Visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.

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  1. First of all, I must say that you are awesome!! I just spent like an hour reviewing your preschool tags (of course, I should not admit that I spent an hour on the net during school time-hee hee)but anyway-thank you thank you thank you-for all of the cheap and easy matching games and links etc…I super love your blog!!! woo hoo!!
    We spoke a week or two by email regarding my son having trouble with reading. I am sorry to say that I can’t find that email now-yikes!- and wanted to know what curriculum you started out using with all of your little ones for reading. I saw something about Phonics Pathways, is that all? My email again is [email protected]

    thank you so much for you blog and advice
    shine on!

  2. We have those shirts, too, Kim. We love them. Like your son, the kids always get comments on them. Even non-homeschoolers always seem to find them funny.

  3. This is a great tip! Thank you for sharing. I need all the homeschooling ideas I can get. 🙂

    I’m trying to talk my husband into letting me get those home school t-shirts for my kids. I think they’re hilarious. 🙂

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