Works for Me Wednesday: Mid-Year Evaluations

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The start of the new year often signals the midway point of the school year for many homeschooling families.  This can be a great time to sit down and reflect on your goals for the school year — are they being met?  In progress?  Behind?  Need to be revised?

Some  goals are easy to see.  If you wanted to finish a workbook this year and you’re half-way through it, obviously that goal is on target.  For others, the progress may be a bit harder to see or the goal may need to be revised.  I’ve posted before about some tips on measuring progress, especially when it’s hard to see.

Some skills are dependent upon a child’s readiness and no matter how much effort you may have put into seeing that goal met, it’s just not going to happen.  That’s when it’s good to look back and realize what your ultimate goals for homeschooling are.

Part of my family’s homeschool mission statement is “encouraging strengths while shoring up weaknesses.”  Sometimes, shoring up those weaknesses may take longer than we’d like…but that’s okay because, as homeschooling families, we can let our kids learn at their own pace.  Of course, sometimes we need to push a little, too.  That’s a decision that can require much thought and prayer.  That’s why I like to take some time during our Christmas break to see where we are and make sure that we’re on target for where I’d hoped we’d be.

Taking time to do a mid-year evaluation allows me to make necessary adjustments while there’s still to see positive results and measurable progress within the school year.  It’s also a much better use of my time than New Year’s Resolutions that will probably be forgotten by February.

Do you do mid-year evaluations?  Have any tried-and-true tips to share about your evaluation process?

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!

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  1. My mid-year evaluation was more about me than my son. I've realized I'm pushing too hard and need to relax a little. Make more time for the fun projects and less pushing to "just get done" with the lesson, worksheet, etc.

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