Works for Me Wednesday: Mom, I’m Bored Edition

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I’m bored! Ah, the famous cry of children everywhere during the summer months. I have a few plans for combating boredom this summer:

Learning to sew. Brianna got a sewing machine for Christmas and a friend loaned us this great book. Although it’s written for kids, I think it will also be useful for this sewing-illiterate mom…and it will give me and my newly-minted teenager some great bonding opportunities this summer.

Hit the zoo or the local children’s museum. We have family passes for both, so when we use them it feels free. Fun, educational and cheap!

Go to a baseball game. We love to go watch our local minor league team play. To me, it’s lots more fun than a major league game…and much less expensive. For fun this year, I think we may park a couple of blocks away and ride the free trolley car – an event in and of itself.

Swim. The kids and I love going swimming with some dear friends of ours. I’m not sure which we enjoy more, the swimming or the fellowship.

Go to the movies. We have a local theater that offers $1 movies on Wednesdays. We also have a couple of theaters that show free movies a couple of mornings a week. I’m not sure if we’ll make those, though. The “morning” part doesn’t do much for us late-sleeping folks.

Play the Wii. Yeah, I know about video games and electronic devices and such, but the Wii is so much fun! And, Mom can actually figure out how to play the games on the Wii, so I can play with the kiddos.

To grandmother’s house they go. Yep, that’s a sure boredom-buster for the kids and a mini-vacation for Mom. I’ll take advantage of it as many times and with as many sets of grandparents (we have three) as it’s offered!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Our local Baskin-Robbins offers $1 scoop Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to close. What a yummy treat!

Bored Board Games. Pictionary, Pit, Uno Attack, Aggravation…these are just a few of our family favorites.

Schoolwork. Yeah, I guess that’s the evil homeschool mom in me coming out, but each of my kids has one or two areas in which they didn’t get as far as I wanted. They’ll be there by the time we resume school in a couple of months. *grin*


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