Works for Me Wednesday: NoteTab Light

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A year or so ago, I downloaded NoteTab Light a freeware text and HTML editor, so that I could make an HTML email signature. Since then, I’ve found that it’s useful for lots of things. Not only was I easily able to make a simple email signature, but now I often use it for HTML code that I use regularly, such as my signature line for The Homeschool Classroom or my closing guidelines text for the Weekly Wrap-Up each Friday.

I also use it to store email addresses for groups that I don’t want to add to my permanent email address book (such as a given week’s participants in Homeschool Showcase) so that I can send out notification emails, or to store the HTML code for links I use regularly, or to back up my blog widgets.

I had no idea, when I first downloaded NoteTab Light, that it would become such a useful little tool for blogging and email. NoteTab Light works for me!

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  1. I am going to have to give NoteTab Light a try. Is it free? The only signature site I ahve seen is My Live Signature.

  2. Amida and Kendra — I use My Live Signature for my blog signature. I use NoteTab Light, which is free (the "light" is free; there are other versions that are not) to make my email signature.

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