WUHS Picks for 11th Grade Curriculum (2018-2019)

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My homeschool world comes full circle this year. I went from homeschooling only one daughter – my oldest in 2002 – to schooling all three as the younger two reached school age. Now, I’m back to homeschooling only one daughter – my youngest who will be a high school junior this year.

If you’ve still got only littles, you won’t believe how fast the years fly by. Enjoy them!

WUHS Picks for 11th Grade Curriculum (2018-2019)

I’m looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year. We’ll be using some tried-and-true favorites and adding some new resources that we’re really excited about.

Language Arts

For language arts, we’ll be using a couple of things. For literature and composition, we’ll be using Lightning Lit, which I had never heard about until this year. Everything I’ve heard about it has been fantastic.

We’ll be starting with American Literature: Early to Mid-19th Century. It includes Moby Dick and The Scarlett Letter, along with the biographies of Fredrick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin.

(Also pictured are some of the titles from British Lit, which is what we’ll be tackling after American.)

Lightning Lit American

For more writing instruction, Megan will continue with WriteShop using the video courses.



Megan will continue math with our favorite tried-and-true math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks. This year, she’ll keep using the 3.0 online version that we started last year. (It’s hard to get decent photos of a computer screen, though.)

Teaching Textbooks


We literally just decided (last Friday) on marine biology for science this year. Megan didn’t particularly want to take chemistry, so she was debating on another round of astronomy when I remembered that Apologia has a high-recommended marine biology course for high school. I told her about it, and she loved the idea, so it’s on its way!


I’ve really wanted to cover world geography more in-depth for a couple of years now. After discussing it, we decided on the high school world geography bundle from Geography Matters. It looks like it’s going to be so much fun!

World Geography for Homeschoolers


We’ve dabbled at health a time or two, but I was so excited to learn that Apologia is coming out with a brand-new health course for high school! It looks fantastic – like, even the teenager thought so.

Foreign Language

We started on Flip Flop Spanish last year, but that was around wedding planning time, and life was crazy. We’re planning to really dig into it this year and learn Spanish together.

Flip Flop Spanish

Fine Arts

We’re also trying out a couple of products from Simply Charlotte Mason that sounded interesting – their Picture Study Portfolios and Music Study with the Masters. I’ve heard great things about both, so we’re excited to get started.

Composer and Artist Study

I think we’re also going to try to work through the Dave Ramsey Personal Finance course since it got pushed to the back burner last year. It looks like a lot (to me, anyway), and it may be overly-ambitious, but I’m looking forward to diving in.

What are you most excited about for your homeschool this year?

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  1. My daughter is going into the 11th grade and our curriculum choices are very similar, which I found amusing. We are doing both sections of American Lit with Lightening Literature, we love it! We are also doing Apologia’s Marine bio, she completed chemistry last year and will also be tackling Dave Ramsey’s personal finance. She finished her 3 years of required math so we are taking a small break. Spanish is also on the docket, but will be at a local school. We keep shoving foreign language to the back burner, yeesh. This is also my last one. I cannot believe how fast it has gone!!

  2. We are using Master Book’s Astronomy for my senior. I’m most excited about Cantering the Country, also from Geo Matters, for my kindergartener.

  3. I’m pretty sure you are the one that introduced me to Geo Matters through your Trail Guide to Learning posts before my kids were even old enough for me to start thinking about school. Thank you for that!

  4. My kids are only 5 and 7 but I’m excited apologia came out with a health unit! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    I plan to start school here next week. Finalizing my prep.

    I hope things have settled down for you since last week.

    1. I think we’re starting the week after you. I hope you have a fantastic first week. Yes, things have settled down a bit. Thanks for thinking of us!

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