10 of the Best Fun Winter Field Trips

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When cold weather strikes, all I want to do is stay snuggled up in the house. That’s not always the best idea, though, because that’s when cabin fever starts to set in. Instead of holing up in your house all winter, try these ideas for 10 fun winter field trips!

1. The zoo. Bundle up and head out to your local zoo. It may not be the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of winter field trips – because brrrr! – but we’ve been to the zoo a time or two when the weather was cooler than we’d anticipated and the animals were all much more active than we’d ever seen them. I wouldn’t suggest going when the temperatures are frigid, but a moderate winter day field trip to the zoo can be a fantastic experience. An aquarium makes a great winter field trip destination, too.

2. Ice rink. Arrange a group trip to the ice rink to learn the behind-the-scenes tasks needed to keep the rink in good shape for guests. If you’ve got a professional or minor league hockey team, try to arrange to watch a game. If not, schedule some time to skate.

3. A children’s museum. Okay, any museum is a good idea when it’s cold outside, but we used to love going to the local children’s museum. The windows in the water play area were usually foggy, reminding us how cold it was outside while we were snug inside enjoying a day of fun and educational exploration.

4. Ski lodge. If you’ve got a ski lodge within a reasonable driving distance, that can be fun, too. Arrange to take some lessons and learn how the lodge operates.

5. Movie theater. Head to the movies! Ask if you can arrange a behind-the-scenes tour to see what goes into running a theater. Learn how the movies are delivered to the theater and check out the projection room. Plan some related activities for the movie you’ll be seeing or go to see one that’s based on a book you’ve read.

6. YMCA. You can learn about health, nutrition, and exercise – and swim in the indoor pool! See if you can arrange a tour and/or a sample class and a chance to chat with a personal trainer about keeping healthy and active during the cold weather months – or ask about tips for safely exercising outdoors during the winter.

7. Planetarium. Visit a planetarium to learn more about the winter constellations.

8. Public Works/Department of Transportation. Ask if your group can visit to learn how roads are prepared for winter weather. If you’ve got teens, you might also ask about safe driving tips for icy or snowy road conditions.

9. TV station. You can, of course, visit a TV station any time of year, but winter is a fun time to visit your station’s meteorologist to learn about how snowy or icy weather is forecast.

10. Virtual field trips. If the weather is too bad to leave the house, try a virtual field trip! Some sources include:

What are some of your favorite wintertime field trips?

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