10 of Our Most Popular Articles from Last Year

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Today I’m sharing 10 of our most popular articles from last year. You may have read them all, or maybe you missed a few. Or, if you’re new here, you probably haven’t read any of them yet! If you stick around a while (and we hope you do!) you’ll find that we are sometimes sarcastic and sometimes serious, but we always try to encourage you and share information that will help you homeschool successfully and laugh a lot.

10 of Our Most Popular Articles from Last Year

1. Ten Awesome Ways to Make a Cell Model

One of the things all students eventually do is study cells, so it might as well be fun! This article shares lots of awesome ways to make cell models. Some of them are edible because…well…food always makes science topics (and every other topic!) more fun to study! Some are more durable. Some are even perfect for that student who loves arts & crafts!


2. One Hundred Hands-on Activities for Middle and High School

Most of us think about hands-on activities for young children, but there are lots of ways to make homeschooling hands-on for middle and high school students! This article shares 100 hands-on activities, and it will inspire you to keep coming up with even more of your own ideas. Middle schoolers and high schoolers can have fun homeschooling too!


3. Ten Reasons You Should Definitely NOT Homeschool

Remember when I said (in the intro paragraph) that we’re sometimes sarcastic around here? Yep. You guessed it. This is one of those times. 😉 We just have to share with you 10 reasons you should definitely NOT homeschool. (But really you should!)


4. The SOAP Method of Bible Study with Kids

If you want to study the Bible with your kids or teach them to study it themselves, try the SOAP Method of Bible study! It’s a simple method that kids can learn to do for themselves or along with you.


5. Discovering Electricity! How to Make a Simple Circuit

Making a circuit with your kids is an easy way to demonstrate how electricity works. Try this activity and see for yourself!


6. What if My Homeschooler Needs to Go to Public School?

Sometimes, for one reason or another, a homeschooler needs to go to public school. The details may vary based on your school district and your state’s homeschooling laws, but these guidelines can help.


7. Ten Home Ec Skills Your Kids Need to Know

We want our kids to be successful when they grow up and leave our homes. This article suggests 10 home ec skills your kids need to know in order to be prepared to take care of their own homes. Whether you have high schoolers, middle schoolers, or even elementary-aged kids, it’s never too early (or too late) to start teaching these skills!


8. Twenty-five Ways to Show Your Teens You Love Them

Many of us struggle with ways to show our teens we love them without embarrassing them. (Although I’ve often told my teens it’s my job to embarrass them a little or else they’d want to live with me forever. Haha!) If you’re looking for ways to show love to your teens in some not-so-humiliating ways, this article is for you!


9. One Hundred Plus Things to Look at Under the Microscope

cells under a microscope

If you want to get your kids interested in using a microscope (or if they already are), here are more than 100 things you can look at under the microscope. Some are fun, some are gross, and some are more (or less) messy. But what they all have in common is you probably already have all of these things around your house. Have fun!


10. How to Graduate a Homeschooler

graduates throwing caps

If your kids are approaching middle or high school, you may be wondering how to graduate a homeschooled student. While it varies from state to state, this article shares some important information that will help you make a plan. (And it doesn’t have to be scary or hard!)

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