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Use these free printable writing prompts to get your kids writing every day. Plus, pick up tips for building confident writers.

Written by Adrienne Bolton of The Mommy Mess.

I remember when my oldest was in fourth grade. He was still going to public school then (his last year there). At that time, fourth grade was typically the year the schools in our state pushed hard on writing skills to prepare the students for the writing portion of the state standardized test. Yuck. I know.

My son used to get so stressed when it came to writing.

free printable writing prompts

He’d clam up, panic, and just sit there staring at the paper with his pencil in his sweaty little fourth-grade hand. His scores were always crazy amazing when it came to those stupid tests, but when it was time for the essay portion? He flopped. I remember him getting some ridiculous low score because his page was virtually blank when he finally turned it in — poor kid. The writing process was always so hard for him.

That was the year we pulled him out of public school, and I never shared his scores with him when they came in the mail that summer because, one, I didn’t care about them and, two, I knew he’d be so bummed. He cared so much about test scores and the like. We all did back then — silly us.

Fourth-grade feels like a lifetime ago now. Twelve years later and that reluctant writer is a full-time thriving college student. He’s a grown man child, y’all. Somebody hold me. 

Why am I taking this trip down memory lane with you?

Because writing is intimidating!

It’s so easy to get discouraged in the process. Goodness knows I’m certainly no stranger to staring at a blank screen and feeling frustrated I can’t get my words from my brain to my fingers.

Eventually, my son started blossoming in the area of writing. It took a while! He was in 9th grade before he was writing essays. I remember worrying his writing wouldn’t be up to par when he got to college, but I was SO wrong. He pumped out ten-page essays like nobody’s business when he got there. It just took time.

Tips for building confident writers

Don’t criticize every mistake.

It can be hard not to pick apart little grammar mistakes or spelling errors but refrain from corrections while your child is trying to get the words on paper. I always tell my kids just get started. We can correct anything after the words are there!

TIP: Both my kids hated starting with the intro paragraph. It always helped to begin with one of the supporting paragraphs and come back to the introduction.

Try journaling.

Daily writing is crucial to getting comfortable. (That’s where the inspiration for these prompts came from. I needed to figure out a way to get my youngest son writing!)

Start with a spiral notebook. You can even decorate the cover if your kids are into that kind of thing. Print out this calendar, hang it on the fridge, and encourage your kids to write each day using the prompts.


And let them read what they like. I learned I had much better chances of getting my kids to read if I let them chose the books and didn’t try to make every book a “school book.”

Hone vocabulary skills.

It’s a lot easier to write when you have words to chose from. Make sure to build vocabulary through daily practice.

free printable writing prompts

Find a writing program that clicks.

It may take some trial and error, but find a writing program that works for your student. And don’t waste time on one that doesn’t!

Praise them!

{Sigh} Some days I forget to throw kudos their way. We get so caught up in getting it all done. I forget just to stop and say, “Hey. You did awesome on that!”

What tips do you have for helping to get your kids writing regularly?

February Writing Prompts

Hopefully, our February writing prompt calendar will help!

The February writing prompts calendar has topics appropriate for all ages and include:

  • Groundhog’s Day silliness
  • Super Bowl Sunday (football and food!)
  • Poem suggestions such as an acrostic and diamante
  • Persuasive paragraph
  • Business letter
  • Oscar Night fun

The writing prompt printable is an exclusive freebie for subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber, head to the subscriber freebies page and scroll down to Free Printables.

If you’re not a subscriber, sign up now for this and other freebies. We won’t spam you or sell your email address. We will send you updates when we publish new blog posts, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Want to see something in particular on the next calendar? Tell us! We’d also love to hear how you and your kids are using the writing prompts, so be sure to share your stories and pics in our Facebook group.

Here’s to a fabulous February!

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