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FREE Interactive Geometry Vocabulary Book

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Written by Rachel of You’ve Got This.

Vocabulary. We often think it applies to social studies and science, but some math units have a boatload of vocabulary. If kids don’t quite grasp this vocabulary, they won’t be successful. That’s where hands-on activities like this geometry vocabulary book come in handy.

FREE Interactive Geometry Vocabulary Book

My oldest has just reached his geometry unit and is encountering words that he has never heard. Seriously, perpendicular lines isn’t a word I often use when talking to my children.

To encourage success in this unit, I created two activities to help him learn and understand geometry vocabulary words such as line, ray, line segments, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines. We are starting with a fun, interactive dictionary and then moving onto a geometry bingo activity.

Setting Up the Interactive Geometry Vocabulary Book

This activity has two options with different level of prep-work.

Option #1: Very Little Prep Work (the kiddos do all the work)

  1. Print off the free geometry vocabulary interactive book.
  2. Provide scissors and a stapler for your child or students
  3. During math time, have them cut out the book and staple it together.
  4. Have them cut out the pictures and vocabulary words.

Option #2: More Prep Work For the Parent

  1. Print off the book
  2. Cut out the cover and pages and staple them together
  3. Either cut out the pictures and vocabulary words or let the children do that depending on the amount of time you want to spend.

How to Use the Geometry Vocabulary Activity

We did this interactive geometry vocabulary book before we did anything else, so my little guy had absolutely no clue what the words meant. We started by looking up the words in the interactive dictionary. We would read the definition, play with the lines, and then move back to the book.

Once he knew the definition, we would take the vocabulary word and find the definition in his book. Then, he glued the word in the word in the blanks.

Geometry Activities for Kids

Next, he would find the picture that matched the vocabulary word and definition and glue it in its spot.

Geometry Activities for Kids

Finally, he used a ruler to draw his own version.

Geometry Activities for Kids

Not only did he have fun learning the words, but now he has a great resource that will help as we play our bingo game and complete the assignments from his math book.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

geometry vocabulary interactive book (4188 downloads)

What’s your favorite way to introduce new vocabulary to your children?

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  1. Such an amazing idea, I will definitely use this in my math class at school. You’ve just made a teacher and a buch of girls so happy!
    Thank you.

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