Online Piano Lessons for Kids: A Pianosaur Review

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Did you know that there are now online piano lessons for kids? With Pianosaur, your elementary child can easily learn the basics of the piano. And, thanks to technology, you can make it work for your busy schedule! Your little one will love learning the essence of the piano from the comforts of your own home.

Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholars.

My daughter has been begging for piano lessons for some time now. But I just wasn’t ready to commit to formal lessons yet. As parents, we want to be sure that our kiddos aren’t going to beg and plead for an activity only to want to quit two lessons in after you’ve spent the money.

I wondered if there was an affordable online piano option that could help me gauge my daughter’s interest without the hassle of driving all over town to another weekly lesson. When I heard about Pianosaur, I was ecstatic!

Online Piano Lessons for Kids: A Pianosaur Review

Pianosaur is exactly what I’ve been looking for, folks! It’s a way for my daughter to experience the joys of playing music that’s affordable and doesn’t require leaving home. My daughter nearly burst with excitement when I asked her if she’d be interested in these online piano lessons.

Online Piano Lessons for Kids a Pianosaur Review

Online Piano Lessons for Kids

Long-time piano Janna Carlson and her tech-savvy husband Jeremy created Pianosaur. Together they have built a positive online parent/child-friendly introductory piano program.

Pianosaur is recommended for ages 5-7 and is a wonderful introduction to the piano. However, many 4-year-olds may enjoy trying out the tunes and concepts with you. And an 8-year-old may enjoy the bonding that will occur as you both participate in the online piano lessons.

Online Piano Lessons for Kids a Pianosaur Review

Elementary Online Piano Lessons for Kids with Pianosaur

Pianosaur provides short 5-7 minute videos, worksheets, and duets that help your child find their musical voice. Janna even uses manipulatives like little animal figures to teach the different locations of keys. The positive tone helps children feel comfortable making mistakes and trying again as they learn songs like Old MacDonald, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

In the video below, you can listen as my daughter practices “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

What You Need to Begin

Pianosaur is not meant to replace formal piano lessons but to simply give your child a foundation, understanding, and familiarity of the piano. Several levels of Pianosaur will help your child with piano geography, simple musical patterns, and playing with steady rhythms.

You will need a few things to begin using Pianosaur:

  • an acoustic piano or keyboard
  • laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • wi-fi connection
Online Piano Lessons for Kids a Pianosaur Review

Pianosaur Offers Your Child Their First Piano Lessons

We had such fun learning or first duet! Janna’s videos are so easy to follow and understand. My daughter and I giggle a lot as I make mistakes and fumble on our duet. But I love her enthusiasm for me to keep trying and doing more practice with her.

Below you can watch as we practice our Piano Buddy Duet “Ghost on My Piano.” I’m not as good with my timing yet, but it’s such fun to practice together!

Why I Love Pianosaur

These online piano lessons for kids are a great way to gauge your child’s interest BEFORE committing to formal piano lessons.

The program is easy to use and fun for both kids and their caregivers alike. It is perfect for families looking for indoor activities with little to no stress. Plus, the bonding that happens while learning a duet together is priceless!

I love that my daughter is learning to confidently and joyfully play the piano. She loves performing each new song she learns in front of our family. I also foresee formal piano lessons in her future.

Online Piano Lessons for Kids: A Pianosaur Review

Pianosaur offers a FREE 3-day trial, and then it’s just $20 per month.

*If your family is experiencing financial hardship during COVID-19, contact Pianosaur for details about a gift subscription from their family to yours.*

**You may cancel at any time**

For more information about this fantastic online introduction to the piano for your child, visit Pianosaur.

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