5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

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Are you looking for creative ways to add some fun to your summer? Check out Erin’s five ideas to create summer fun and lasting memories with your kids!

Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholars.

If your family is stuck at home this year, you may be wondering what you can do to facilitate some at-home summer fun. Try these fun and creative ideas to build lasting memories with your kids!

Summer Fun with Kids

This year has definitely been one for the record books, folks. It is nothing like anyone planned or expected, and neither are normal summer activities. You may find many summer camps and popular recreational areas have limited accessibility or are even canceled this year. But just because it’s different doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable and memorable. Today I’m sharing some at-home activities and ideas that are sure to provide loads of summer fun!

1. Summer Fun with Art Camp

If you have an artistic kiddo, then a virtual or online art camp could be a great option this summer! We created our own summer art camp with the help of You ARE an Artist chalk pastels, homemade s’ mores, and root beer floats.

You ARE an Artist Clubhouse Members have access to a detailed guide to their art summer camp, including live lessons. With the membership, you also have access to a bank of other art lessons for all ages, a wonderful art community, and new art lessons from “Nana,” including themed art events throughout the year! You don’t have to worry about being the teacher; Nana has got your covered!

Chalk pastels are a super-easy way to incorporate art into your summer. All you need is an inexpensive starter set of chalk pastels and construction paper to make art a part of your summer plans!

5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

2. Exploring Nature Together

If you have access to a natural space or hiking trail, then get outside and explore! Take your camera along so that you can get pictures of all the exciting things you discover and the fun your kiddos have out in nature. Then, you can create a scrapbook of summer memories.

If you can’t go anywhere but your own backyard this summer, then check out a THiNK OUTSiDE subscription! This unique monthly subscription promotes exploration and survival in the great outdoors. It’s perfect for learning outdoor adventure skills.

Remember, you can still catch fireflies, make mud pies, go on a worm hunt and climb trees from the comforts of your own backyard. You can also have a backyard campout!

5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

3. Summer Fun with Family Movie Nights

Gather up the kids’ favorite movie snacks, and beverages. Put the tent in the living room and pile it high with pillows and blankets. Then, choose from some of your favorite childhood classics or family-friendly films on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus!

Summer Fun with Kids

Last week we watched Rookie of the Year and ate Cracker Jacks. It was a big hit! Here are a few more of our favorite family-friendly movies:

  • E.T.
  • The Neverending Story
  • The Land Before Time
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Parent Trap (1961 Hayley Mills Version)
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Secondhand Lions
  • The BFG
  • An American Tail
  • Trolls
  • Madagascar
  • Ice Age
5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

4. Fun Outdoor Games

Remember playing Red Rover and freeze tag? What about hopscotch, jump rope, and kickball? All of these are fun summer games you can play with your kiddos. You could also try some lawn games like cornhole, ring toss, or giant outdoor dice games. Remember, any game can become a fun outdoor game. Just take it outside to your backyard or back porch. Add a glass of lemonade and enjoy!

5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

5. Summer Fun with STEAM

Even though it’s hot, you can still add a little STEAM to your kid’s summer! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The STEAM KIDS books are a fantastic resource with 50+ hands-on activities to choose from. Another great resource is the STEAM Lab for Kids books.

If you’ve got a Harry Potter fan, then check out these Harry Potter STEAM challenges!

In the picture below, you can see where my daughter made her own solar oven. She’s used it for years now, and it’s been perfect for making solar oven s’mores. STEAM makes summer fun and tasty!

5 Ideas for Summer Fun with Kids

There are loads of ways to add a little summer fun to the months ahead. I invite you to take these five ideas for art, nature, movie night, games, and STEAM and add your own family’s twist. Let’s make this summer memorable with family togetherness and at-home fun!

What are some of your family’s favorite summer fun activities?


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