4 Things Homeschool Moms (and Dads) Need to Hear

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Life as a homeschool mom (or dad) can get discouraging. You’ve got relatives, neighbors, and strangers on the Internet telling you that you’re ruining your kids and sometimes you secretly wonder if they might be right.

They’re not! Be encouraged today with these four things homeschool parents need to hear – then, go encourage another parent with these words!

1. You can do this.

I’m sure there are plenty of confident homeschooling parents out there who have complete faith in their abilities – but the rest of us really appreciate the occasional reminder that we can do this. We worry that we’re not doing enough or that we’re doing too much. We worry that we’ve chosen the wrong curriculum, that our kids will be weird, or maybe they really won’t be ready for the real world.

Sometimes we just need someone to come alongside us and remind us that we can do it. If you’re a veteran homeschooling parent, be intentional about encouraging a newbie.

If you’re the friend, relative, or spouse of a homeschooling parent, let her know that you have confidence in her abilities. It really helps when you can point out something specific that they’re doing well.

2. You’re not alone.

It’s been said that two of the most powerful words in the English language are, “me, too.”

Some days you find yourself thinking that homeschooling is much harder than you thought it would be? Me, too.

You’ve found yourself wondering if your child’s struggles are normal or if they’re symptoms of a learning disability? Me, too.

You have days when you wonder if you’re really qualified to homeschool your children? Me, too.

You’ve wondered if you’ll be able to remember enough algebra to help your teen understand it? Me, too.

Some days you don’t need a solution to whichever problem you’re facing as much as you need to know that someone else has experienced it.

[bctt tweet=”Some days you don’t need a solution as much as you need to know that someone else has shared your experience.” via=”no”]

As parents (homeschooling or otherwise), it’s easy to look at others and imagine that they have it all together while we’re floundering in the water. The reminder (or revelation) that we’re not alone may be all we need to buoy our flagging confidence.

3. Do what works for your kids.

As homeschooling parents, we’re obviously not afraid to do things differently – so why do we expect every other homeschooler to do things our way? It’s okay for you do do what works for your kids even if it’s drastically different than what I’m doing with mine.

You don’t have to be envious of all the shiny new curriculum you see online. You don’t have to compare yourself to your homeschool friend who always seems to be doing something spectacular. You don’t have to compare your kids to hers (or anybody else’s) either. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here.

While you’re doing your own thing, let another homeschool mom in on the secret, too. Let her know that it’s okay for her to do what works for her.

4. It’s not because you homeschool.

In the majority of cases, homeschooling doesn’t cause or prevent our kids’ poor choices or their stellar ones. Your kid isn’t quiet, shy, boisterous, outgoing, awkward, or nerdy because you homeschool.

A kid’s basic personality is what it is regardless of how he’s educated. Kids make great choices and lousy ones regardless of how they’re educated. Parents and kids argue and disagree regardless of how they’re educated.

Quit blaming everything on homeschooling and feeling guilty about it. It’s not because you homeschool; it’s because you and your kids are human.

Be encouraged, homeschool mom (or dad) – and get out there and encourage someone else!

What words do you need to hear to lift your spirits today? Is there something that someone has said to you that positively impacted you?

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  1. My goodness… “Me, too.” Those two words truly are so powerful and just make such an impact. I’m so glad you wrote that because honestly, I think sometimes we need the reminder to point out what other homeschooling parents are doing well, or that we feel the same way as them about something. “Me, too!” Thanks for sharing.

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