Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with my birthday

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had an amazing week? It’s been a good one here. I was blessed with a very enjoyable birthday on Tuesday. Most of the day was spent at home working online (which isn’t bad when you enjoy what you do) and playing some Words with Friends.

We had plans to go to Chili’s for dinner that evening. There was a time when it was a given that we’d be going to Chili’s on my birthday, but I haven’t been there for dinner in several years. (It’s not Brian’s favorite.)

Megan and Gus

Megan, with her brand-new hair color, and our big, sweet boy, Gus.

Well, Brian, in a very unusual turn of events, worked out a little surprise for me. He enlisted Josh’s help and they concocted an excuse to leave early, asking me and Megan to meet them there. (Brianna was meeting us there after she got off from work.)

He invited my parents and step-parents, my sister and her family, and his parents. When Megan and I arrived, we saw my mom and step-dad walking into the restaurant. I told Megan that it could be a coincidence, but I doubted it because I know Chili’s isn’t my step-dad’s favorite either.

Then, we saw my sister and her family getting out of their car. I knew that wasn’t a coincidence.

birthday balloons

We went inside and Brian had a big table for everyone and birthday balloons. He and I are not planners. We have never done a surprise party for each other, so it was a real surprise and I was very touched that he went to so much trouble. I did suspect that he was up to something, but a surprise party never crossed my mind.

Later, the Chili’s crew came out singing and clapping. I was seriously considering hiding under the table, but they walked past us to another nearby table celebrating a birthday.

As soon as they passed us, Brian shoved his chair back quickly, like he was going to get up. I asked him a couple of times what he was doing, but he didn’t answer. Then, he got up and went to the other table and was talking to the servers and manager. I seriously thought he was canceling a request to sing to me because I’d told him I didn’t want them to.

Then, I saw the Dairy Queen ice cream cake box. I still didn’t figure out what was going on until he came back to our table and told me that was my cake!

The servers had taken the cake to the wrong birthday party!

I’m so glad Brian was paying attention, although I’m sure someone at the other table would have said something. I kind of felt sorry for the other birthday girl who thought, for just a moment, that she was going to get to enjoy a delicious DQ ice cream cake.

DQ ice cream cake

Not too sorry, though. Not sorry enough to share my cake.

Besides the birthday fun, it’s been a busy week. We enjoyed two swim days – one at a friend’s house and one at my mom’s. Yesterday I spent some of my birthday money on a pedicure – only my second one ever – before going to the store for just a few grocery items for next week. Not too many, though, because the kids leave for camp Monday. You know what that means – week-long date night! No cooking for me.


But that’s not all. Today is Brian’s company picnic at a local amusement park. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really looking forward to a sweaty day in the sun and crowds, but the kids always look forward to it and I enjoy the time with them even though I don’t see much of them once we get there. They each take a friend (except Josh – he gets two friends because I can’t make him choose between my two non-biological sons).

Afterward, everyone comes to our house for pizza, Dunkin’ Donut doughnut holes (if they’re not sold out) and a sleepover. It’s always a lot of fun aside from the being hot and sweaty part.

Jack in dog pen

Because if you are a cat why wouldn’t you sleep in the dog pen?

Before I head out to enjoy the day with my kiddos, let me direct you to my post at About.com, just in case you missed it this week: Should I Plan an Educational Summer?

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all!

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  1. That sounds wonderful! What a great birthday surprise (though I have warned my hubby about ever having the restaurant staff sing to me!)… We are looking forward to a day at the amusement park ourselves next week and I love of the idea of take out pizza and munchkins after since I never want to cook!

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