Weekly Wrap-Up: The one in which I can’t believe it’s time for spring break already

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. It’s been a good one here – a little windy and cooler than I’d like, but lots of sunshine most days, so that makes up for it. I’m definitely ready for warm weather to go with the sunshine, though.

Monday was another good life skills day for Josh. Brian taught him how to rotate the tires on the Civic and they went to get the tags for it. He’s gotten in lots of driving practice which has made me very thankful that he’s a good driver and that he can drive himself. He’s going to be saving me lots of gas money.

He drove himself to the music lessons he teaches on Monday and to church Tuesday and Wednesday for worship team practice – one day for the regular worship team and one day for youth. Last Friday, he drove himself to a friend’s house to spend the night. That was a strange feeling.

driving to a friend's

Wednesday we all had dental appointments, but, for the first time since all the kids were old enough to go, we split them up. For years, it was easier just to go and get it all done in one day. Now that Brianna drives herself and the kids are doing their schoolwork independently, it made sense to split them back up.

After so many years of sitting there for everyone’s cleanings, it was a breeze just to go in Wednesday morning long enough for me and Megan to get our teeth cleaned and leave.

dentist chair

Yesterday, I had to go in for my health risk assessment. I hate it, but Brian’s work offers financial incentives to go, so I go. Every year. I was really dreading it this year because I knew I was back in the obese range, a place I never wanted to be again.

The funny thing is, I’m very healthy other than that. I earned the second bonus for being in the low-risk category. Fat, but healthy. I think that’s going to be my new motto.

Except that the weigh-in was enough of an eye-opener that I’m ready (I think – I’ve said that before) to get serious about getting most of this weight back off. I’d gained more than I thought and I’m starting to feel some of the old aches and pains coming back. It’s time to get serious again! I’m walking on the treadmill with my (still temporary) desk as I type this.

Speaking of health-related things, y’all, I’ve got to be honest (because I typically am), I’m not sure I’m going to be physically ready to run the 5K for Mercy House Kenya that I was planning to do on April 16. The training hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped. I’m sure the extra weight doesn’t help.

I’ve been looking for a less-competitive race so that I won’t be out there by myself if I have to walk the majority of it. I have also toyed with the idea that I’ll be doing somebody a favor. People often remark that at least they didn’t come in last. I could be the person that keeps someone else from not being able to say that.

Mercy House Fundraiser

Whatever happens, I’m going to do something, whether it’s going out and walk/running the distance on my own, finding a less competitive race, or switching to a May race. And whatever happens, all the money still goes to Mercy House. I’m still short of my $250 goal. Would ten of you consider donating $10 or 5 of you $20? It’s such an amazing ministry and I fully intend to reach my goal, even if I have to donate the balance myself.

We’re taking spring break next week. Last week, Megan and I talked about her school. She is the kid I could easily see doing very well with an interest-led approach and lots of great books. She agreed, so next week she’s going to be thinking about the topics she’d like to study for the last 6 weeks of school.

colorful shoes

Megan’s my artistic kid. She decided to have fun with an old pair of shoes and create something she’d like to wear a bit longer.

We’re going to go to the library near the end of the week and pick up the books and see how it goes. If it goes well, that’s going to be our approach for her going into high school. If not, we’ll revert back to workbooks. We’re actually both very excited about it, though.

In case you missed it this week, you can catch me at About.com talking about 3 Things Successful Homeschooling Parents Do Differently. I’ve also been over at Simple Homeschool sharing tips on how to dump the writing program (& other tips for spring learning).

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  1. I went for my first run on Monday and I am still alive! I had talked the children through exactly what to do if I collapsed with a heart attack, but was relieved when they didn’t need to 🙂
    I’ll be cheering you on no matter what race you do!

    1. Congratulations on your first run! I’m glad your kids knew what to do, you know, just in case. :))

  2. Girl, I’m right there with you on the weight loss. I saw something last week that really struck me, it said “May you a priority” and it realized I hadn’t been a priority in years…and it shows on the scale and in so many areas.

    Mapped out my plan of attack and purchased a few things…the war starts on Monday!

  3. Ha! I’m in the FAT but healthy category. I have had no luck trimming down my hips, yet I can hike, bike, yoga, and play tennis without missing a beat. Oh well — we’re happy and loved, that’s what matters!

    1. My dental hygienist told me this week that when people ask how she is, she tells them she’s fat and happy. It could be worse.

  4. I just wanted you to know you inspired me. When I saw your desk for your treadmill I thought that was an awesome idea but not one I could really use. Today I realized I could read the link up posts using my phone and speak / wheeze into my microphone while using a treadmill and manage to get a good 30 minute workout in.

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