Weekly Wrap-Up: The Curriculum Sharing Edition

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It’s that time again! Time to share what you’ll be using in your homeschool this year.  I think all homeschoolers love to read and talk about what other homeschooling families are using in their schools.  It’s a great way to find out about something new or connect over a favorite shared curriculum choice.

I wanted everyone who visits throughout the year to have a way to easily see what we’re using, so I added a new page to my menu bar, rather than writing a blog post about it.  So, you can visit my page, 2010-2011 Curriculum to see what we’ll be using this year.

Before I get to the link-up, I just have to share a funny little story.  Do you remember the toads we kept for a year or so?  (I didn’t realize that it’d been more like two years for the female until I went to look up that link.  The male showed up a little later.)  Well, we released them this spring to go and fend for themselves.  (You wouldn’t believe how expensive crickets are and we couldn’t catch enough wild ones to keep the two toads fed.)

She won’t leave!

I had Brianna take them to the woods at the end of the road back when we let them go.  Brianna went back to check a couple of times that day and the female was still there.  The last time I’d told Brianna to just bring her back if she was still there and we’d keep her.  She was gone that time.  Three different nights, though, in the last couple of weeks or so, we’ve come home to find the toad in front of our garage door!  While we’re not 100% sure it’s her, but we’re fairly sure, because the toad has been really tame.

We used to joke and say that once we let her go we’d probably go to the door and find her sitting there waiting to come back in because she had a pretty good life — climate controlled home, steady food supply, and safety from predators.  We didn’t expect that she really wouldn’t leave.  If she shows up again, we may just have to bring her back in.  I’ve still got her tank; I’d just have to clean it out a bit.

Okay, so that’s my funny story.  Now, I can’t wait to peruse your homeschool bookshelves.  Just link directly to your curriculum post (or your regular Weekly Wrap-Up post, if you’d prefer) so that people can find it easily and be sure to link back here in case your readers would like to join in the fun.

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Looks like a fun year for y'all too! We're big BSG for All Ages and Teaching Textbooks fans here too.

  2. My post this week is not what I'd planned to post, but that's how things go sometimes…

    (if this comment comes up twice, sorry! my internet disappeared momentarily after I hit "publish" the 1st time.)

  3. I like your funny toad story! We have a fairly tame bunny in our backyard that likes left over bagel.

    We are starting Teaching Textbooks this year too. I'm optimistic!

  4. Awww sweet little Toadie 🙂 Oh boy, I'm such a copy cat! I'm using a bunch of the same curriculum as you this year (your reviews were great!). I think just history and science are different for me. I so want to link up, but I don't know if I'll have time. It's been one of those weeks and I don't think my weekend is going to slow down either. Please let me know what you think of Pandia Press, a lot of people in my homeschool group recommend it and I wanted to check it out, but so far I'm an Apologia girl. Lastly, I hope you don't mind if I steal a page from your book (aren't I clever?) and add a curriculum page to my header too 🙂

  5. Looks like a great year planned for you all. Not a big frog or toad fan here, my girls are…they chased one into the garage Thursday night, thankfully it hopped out Friday morning. I'm hosting a Statehood Postcard Swap if your interested to go along with your Fifty State Friday.

  6. I have been using TT for my 2 oldest this year. I have one son finishing up 5th grade and another who is doing Algebra 2. Love it.

  7. Great list! I really liked the REAL Science Chemistry that we got last year. I'm planning on using it after I finish with Apologia.

    Is the new writing you found on your curriculum page? I struggle so much with teaching writing. It seems so nebulous to me. I don't like the programs that are too scripted and forced, and yet I don't know how to teach any other way. To make matters worse, my son really resists writing instruction. He's good at writing when he wants to, but if I assign him something it's like pulling teeth.

  8. No, Kristen, it's not on my curriculum page yet. We just made the decision Friday and I haven't had a chance to update yet. We took the plunge and bought Institute for Excellence in Writing. I'm very excited about it! I've already started watching the DVD seminar and it looks really good.

  9. I finally starting writing my post for curriculum. When I went to link up, I was too late. Oh well. I really like your blog. I grabbed your button and put on my blog. Is there a way to subscribe?

  10. @ Daycare Mom, yes, you can subscribe by clicking the RSS feed button (the first one on the left) under the "Get Connected" heading in the right sidebar. I hope you'll subscribe and that you'll enjoy the posts!

  11. Hi Kris- I wanted first of all say thank you for hosting this link-up! Second, I wanted to let you know that I re-entered my link because I have been doing a blog reorganization and my url changed. So, my entry (number 29- The World According to Them) no longer works. Please feel free to delete it and I am sorry for the confusion!

  12. Aw, so sad I missed the linky! I only just found your blog. Well. Actually.. I've seen links to your blog around before, but this is the first time I've actually clicked on one and "found" you. 😉 (Here from Kara's Home with a Purpose, by the way.)
    I look forward to joining a little in the future perhaps. =)

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