Weekly Wrap-Up: The First Week of Summer Break Edition

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Can you believe we’re right here at the end of May? Where has the time gone? Since I came by from the 2:1 Conference, time has just flown by. That’s okay by me, though, because that means summer break is here!

I don’t know about you, but the first week of summer break is always a busy one for us. We always finish school just before Brianna’s birthday, so there’s usually a party in there somewhere, plus catching up housework and appointments that have fallen by the wayside in that busyness of the last few weeks of school.

That means Monday was housework and laundry day. I felt so accomplished by all I got done.

Tuesday was dance class, get Brianna to work by 4:00, and help with a Facebook party at 8:00. Because my Internet service had been so incredibly slow for two days, I was forced (yes, it was horrible) to go to Chick-Fil-A and sip on a sweet tea during said party.

I was going to just hang out there and wait on Brianna since she got off work at 10:00…but she called and said she had to work until midnight. So, I had to drive all the way back home, then, all the way back out to get her. (She works right beside the Chick-Fil-A…very convenient.)

Wednesday was a pretty relaxed day for the most part, but Brianna had her birthday party that evening. There were supposed to be about 13 teenagers coming, so we got 7 pizzas (six for them and one special one for me and Brian to keep all to ourselves because we’re nice like that – you notice it’s not in the photo).


Only about 7 kids showed up…and they didn’t even finish off two pizzas! What’s up with that? I thought teenagers were supposed to be human garbage disposals. So, guess what my kids have had for lunch the last two days?

Thursday was a morning run, an afternoon doctor’s appointment, getting Brianna to work, making dessert (with Megan’s help) and getting to my sister’s for dinner.

Today, I am making great progress on my personal goal of letting my behind become adhered to my chair as I sit here and enjoy the first day of not having much of anything that I really have to do. (Although I do need to vacuum again…aggravating shedding dog.)

On the blogging front, I have an article up at About One, sharing some fun ideas to combat summer boredom. I’m also currently conducting two giveaways: one for a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning (and a coupon code if you want to buy some stuff) and one for a $25 gift card just for subscribing to my blog so that I don’t lose you when I move to WordPress! (That’s going to include some spiffy new Weekly Wrap-Up buttons.)

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  1. Yes, what is wrong with those kids??  Even with 7 of them I would have expected a lot more pizza to disappear!  LOL  It sounds like a great week and this weekend I hope you have much more time to adhere you bottom to your chair 😉

  2. I really do appreciate the time you spent to fix the the link to my blog. Enjoy your break!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Darn shedding dogs. Lacy does that, too, and I swore when we had our dog before her that I'd never have another shedding dog. But then I saw Lacy, and it was love, so we just vacuum a lot. 😉
    Happy birthday to Brianna!!!

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