Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with all the Blood

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It’s Weekly Wrap-Up time!  Is anyone else taking a long weekend?  I don’t think we’ve ever taken Labor Day off, in all the years we’ve homeschooled.  Dad usually has to work, so we work, too.  We’re taking off this year, though — well, except poor Dad, who has to work.  We jumped back into school pretty heavy in August and I think we’re all ready for just a little break.

It was another busy week, starting Monday with some school in the morning, Brianna’s Spanish class in the afternoon, and more school when we got home.  Megan started music this week, too, so that was another day out of the house.  Thankfully, she’s the only one in music this year, so it’s only one hour once a week, rather than two.  We still, of course, have to have our mid-week Chick-Fil-A treat, even though we no longer have to eat lunch out due to scheduling.  I couldn’t be sure, but I think our friends at Chick-Fil-A missed us over the summer.  Of course they did!  I know I missed their sweet tea.

The most interesting thing we did this week was Josh and Megan’s science lesson on circulation and blood.  I am so loving Science Odyssey!  The labs are so much fun and the one on blood was probably the best one yet.  (And here you thought we’d had some catastrophe at our house with that post title.)  Even I learned things that I didn’t know and I think the hands-on portion of the lesson just cemented things for all of us.

First we read A Drop of Blood by Paul Showers.  What an excellent book!  It was the perfect lead-in to building our own model of blood, which included plasma (Karo syrup), red blood cells (Red Hots candies), white blood cells (large lima beans) and platelets (split lentils):

blood model

We then drew a picture of our blood model and listed what each part does.

The highlight of Megan’s week was getting a letter from her pen pal.  She has checked the mailbox every. single. day. for the last two weeks or so and it finally came today!  She is loving this pen pal thing.  She’s already got two more potential pen pals lined up.

Brianna, on the other hand, had a huge let down that’s only amusing later.  Much later.  Unless you’re a parent with a somewhat twisted sense of humor, which, apparently, Brian and I are.  She got a letter addressed to her in the mail a couple of days ago.  We all thought it was from her pen pal.  Imagine her disappointment when she realized it was a test that her Spanish teacher forgot to hand out this week.  She’s supposed to take it before her next class.  How bad does that stink?

Those are the highlights of our week.  I’m looking forward to my “teacher in-service” day on Monday, though I’ll probably already have all my planning done by then.  I’m a little behind since Brianna and I went to see Eclipse again last Saturday instead of sitting home and working on lesson plans.  Hey, it was a much more fun choice and a nice chance to spend some time with my teen!

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  1. Whew. I really did think there was a trip to the hospital after that title. Glad you had a great week with a cool science lesson instead!

  2. Hi! I am so excited to be joining in the Weekly Wrap-up for the first time this week! 🙂 I am sorry, but I linked Our Family for His Glory to the wrong place the first time! 🙁 Please go ahead & delete it!
    But, I am excited to hear about everyone else's weeks!

  3. My boys are constantly checking the mail for pen-pal letters, too. Finding a test instead would definitely be amusing – except for the recipient, that is!

    We school 4 days a week, so next week we'll be shifting so Monday is our day off instead of Friday. Ask me how I like that 'round about next Friday!

  4. LOL From the title, I thought either someone got hurt, or you all had been pricking your fingers to look at blood under the microscope!

    I like the blood model, but I'm sure I would have picked out and chowed down on ste syrup covered candy, nom nom!

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