Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Birthday

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It’s an early edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up today, mostly because I know what my Friday afternoon is going to look like. It’s not pretty.  Megan’s birthday was Tuesday and tonight…it’s hard to even say it…she’s having her first slumber party.  Ack!  Please pray that I will make it to Saturday.

So, my afternoon is going to be filled with party preparations, which is why you’re getting the early edition of the Wrap-Up today.  First, I want to let you know that you can now easily grab the code for the Wrap-Up banner.  Just go to the guidelines page and copy the code near the bottom, add it to your post, and you’re good to go.  Of course, you don’t have to use the banner, but it’s available if you want to.

It’s been a very busy, but rather short week for us.  We always take off on family birthdays, but this year, we wound up taking off two days for Megan’s birthday.  Brian was able to take off Monday and Tuesday, so we all enjoyed a long weekend together.  Of course, Brianna still had Spanish class on Monday, which she wasn’t especially thrilled about, and she had volleyball games both Monday and Tuesday.  Still, we were mostly off together.


Monday was really nice for me.  Brian took Josh and Megan and met his parents for lunch while I took Brianna to Spanish class.  I took my laptop and waited on her at Chick-Fil-A — just me and my laptop over a nice, cold glass of sweet tea.  Pure heaven.

Tuesday we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Megan’s birthday.  Now, I know just the mere mention of that place can send shivers of horror down a parent’s spine, but on a weekday, during school hours, it’s a great place to be.  There were only two other families there besides us, so it was actually rather peaceful and the kids had a blast.  We took Megan’s presents with us so that she could open them there and had us a little mini birthday party.

Megan at CEC

Wednesday, it was back to school, but it wasn’t as hard getting back to a routine as I thought it’d be.  We even managed to catch-up some of our missed work from Monday.   I didn’t try to catch everything up, but I wanted to keep science and history pretty much on track since we had some projects going on.  We got the rest caught up on Thursday and won’t even have to cram stuff in today as a make-up day like I’d expected.

Josh feeding tickets

In history, we’ve been talking about the Age of Enlightenment and some of the scientists of that time.  One of the scientists we discussed was Isaac Newton and his laws of gravity.  The kids had a great time testing Newton’s theories by dropping a small bouncy ball and Brianna’s volleyball over the half-wall that overlooks our living room on a lower level.  One would do the dropping while the other watched to see if both balls hit at the same time.


Of course, they always did, but it was fun to watch.  That is one of those scientific things that has always intrigued me.  It just doesn’t seem possible that both objects would drop at the same rate when one is bigger and heavier.  I think the kids were pretty impressed by the results. I mean, I know it’s a scientific law, but I was still watching myself to see the results.

We also did a science project in which we measured out enough twine to equal the length of the average kid’s digestive tract.  We then measured out different portions of it, such as the esophagus and the small intestines.  We tied knots at the beginning of each new section and stapled an index card identifying each section at the knot.  It was really cool see how long the digestive tract really is.

digestive tract

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  1. Sounds like a great week, including the birthday distractions. 🙂

    You're early this time, but I'll be a late poster this time around.

  2. Oh! I am SO with you on the shivers of horror and Chuck E. Cheese! I can't stand going to that place, but you're right. On a weekday during the school year it can actually be pretty fun! Sounds like her birthday got off to a good start! Praying you survive the slumber party, which of course, is incorrectly named because everyone knows they never SLEEP at those! Just fill them full of donuts and send them home in the morning. 🙂

  3. Oh boy…slumber party! I haven't been brave enough to have one at my house, but Haley has been to one birthday slumber party with about 9 other girls (can you imagine!), and a sleepover at a friend's house. I don't think I'm ready for an invasion of giggling girls. I'll be praying for you…and poor Josh who will have to survive all the girls. LOL


  4. @ Jennifer — Actually, Josh gets a by. He's spending the night with a friend. He definitely didn't want to stay! lol

  5. Chuck E.Cheese is our favorite bday place- we go during the week with a few other hs families for almost every celebration. We have the whole place to ourselves during the week- but, we stick to the cheese pizza.

  6. I'm a big fan of Chuck E. Cheese during the day during the week. It's so quiet and we can have a great time.

  7. Have to agree about Chuck E. Cheese during the week. I bring a book (I can read anywhere), much some pizza (it's actually quite delish), and the girls play. It's a win-win!

    You always do such nifty things in science.

  8. Great week! Good luck with the slumber party (shudder the thought).

    We hit CEC this week at the beach and it was wonderful! We were the only people there, with the exception of two guys from the nearby military base.

  9. Looking at Megan's pizza made my stomach growl, very audibly!

    We are throughly enjoying the Notgrass Exploring America curriculum this year. Next week, we enter the Age of Enlightenment. There are so many great resources out there for that particular era, that I think we may get sidetracked and stay for a while!

  10. Looks like a great birthday!!!

    The only time we'll hit Chuck E. Cheese is when school is in sessions. It's almost pleasant then.

  11. Great Experiments!! That is awesome that you were able to get caught up even with taken those days off. Sounds like a great week!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday!

    We've been celebrating birthdays around here this month too, one that also included a sleepover:-).

    Hope yours went well!

  13. Okay, that digestive tract project is very, VERY cool! Now I'm inspired! Perhaps I'll have my kiddos do outlines of each other on butcher paper, then we can make models like that of all the organs and stick them on…

  14. Happy Birthday to your girl!
    Both of those experiments are pretty cool, we're doing astronomy this year so I hope I remember the string one when we do Human Body next year. =)

  15. I have found your blog through some other "tot schooling" moms…need to spend more time looking around! I like your site. Sounds like a fun birthday week!

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