Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Pick and Draw Guy

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Yay! Another Friday! And it just so happens to be our last official Friday of school since we’ll be enjoying our end-of-the-year party next week. Summer break is so close I can taste it – and it smells a lot like honeysuckle and sounds like cicadas.

This week has been a lot more normal-feeling than last week. Though I’d thought we would, we didn’t do any volunteering this week. The church where we’d been helping seemed to have a handle on things, so we stayed home and concentrated on academics.

I’m running in a 5K next weekend to raise money for tornado relief.


Tuesday, Megan, Brianna, and I had a fun opportunity to meet Rich Davis, creator of Pick and Draw. Megan and I have really enjoyed playing the game, so it was great to meet Rich, who was such a nice guy. If you’re one of those people who is more inclined to do business with someone who is just genuinely a good person, you can do business with Rich to your heart’s content.


The worst thing about meeting Rich wasn’t really about meeting him at all – it had to do with writing wrong times on calendars and showing up at the event 30 minutes late. *sigh* Even so, Megan enjoyed the opportunity to draw with Rich and it intrigued Brianna so much that she and Megan have been playing Pick and Draw all week, even though I’d never been able to interest her in trying it before.


I’m planning on buying another set of the cards and sending them, a few at a time, to Nathan, our Compassion International sponsored child. The game just seems to me like universal fun that requires only a writing utensil and paper.

Megan was thrilled that Rich gave her the story board…you know, from the story we missed because I wrote the time down wrong.


The rest of the week was pretty routine, which was actually quite enjoyable. Once Blogger came back up today and decided to play nice, I did something I’ve thought about doing for awhile – I installed Disqus.

The feature that finally tipped the scales between thinking about it and actually installing it is the threaded comments. That means that I can reply to you and you can reply to each other forum-style, making it easier to interact within the comments section.

I hope you enjoy Disqus. It’s easy to set up a profile, even if you don’t use Disqus on your own blog, so that you don’t have to fill in your information every time you comment – and your profile will work on any blog using Disqus for comments, so setting it up is a one-time thing. I hope you – and I – enjoy using Disqus as much as I think we will!

One last picture before I go. I thought you might enjoy seeing the height of laziness and content. I should probably get used to it as the days continue to get warmer.


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  1. Sending them to our Compassion child is a BRILLIANT idea!!!!  Duh!! Thanks for sharing the idea!  And super jealous that you were able to meet Rich in real life. 🙂

  2. Rich is a super-nice guy. It was such a pleasure to meet him. And, I can't wait to send the card to Nathan. Of course, you know me well enough to know that it's really going to bug me not to be able to send the plastic case. 😉

  3. I was just looking at the case tonight and wondering how I could get it
    to her!! 🙂 haha!! how many can you send at one time…?

  4. I guess however many you can get in the envelope without changing its shape. We've got some other cards we've been sending and we do six at a time. I bet you could do a set — face, nose, eyes, mouth, hair — at a time.

  5. Found your blog through Jolanthe’s pin about the Pick and Draw cards. I am going to have to check these out since I am always looking for creative ways to interact with our Compassion kids. Thank you for sharing!

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