Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With the Spring-Like Weather

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It’s a super-early Weekly Wrap-Up this week — mostly because we won’t be doing anything of great interest to add to it today.  It’s been a gorgeous week here and I can’t wait enjoy the beautiful weather today.  The kids have their boxes to do, but they usually get those done pretty quickly, so we can all soak up a little vitamin D today.

It’s been a nice week.  Brian was off on Monday, so we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go to the zoo.  It was a perfect trip.  It was still cool enough on Monday that all of the animals were very active.  We got up close and personal — well, okay, not too close and personal — with the big cats (jaguars and cougars) and the adorable cotton-top tamarins with their new twin babies.

The best part for Brianna was, of all things, one of the two crows — yes, a crow.  It was so friendly.  It stuck it’s head out of its enclosure and let Brian and Brianna rub its head.  It would just lean into them and close its eyes like having its head rubbed was pure bliss.  I kept waiting for it to bite one of them, but it never did.  It just kept following them wherever they went, sticking its head out for a scratch.

My favorite part was getting some pictures made.  For years, I’ve been ashamed to be in photos because of my weight.  For the first time since I can’t remember when, I didn’t feel that way.  I enjoyed getting in pictures with my family.  We got someone to snap this one of all of us:

Family at zoo

I didn’t make my 40 lbs. lost goal last week…but I’m so close I can taste it.  I’ve lost 39.4 lbs.

We were going to take Spring Break next week, but Brian’s going to have to work, so we’re waiting until the week after.  I’m a little disappointed right now that today wasn’t our last day before Spring Break, but I know that, next Friday, I’ll be very glad it’s not over.  Plus, I found out that the two county schools nearest us are off this coming week, so it’s probably good that we’re waiting.  Hopefully, things won’t be so crowded when we’re off if we decide to get out and do something.

In school news, I had to lay down the law last weekend with Brianna.  I realized that she hadn’t been keeping caught up with her history assignments.  She spent last week getting caught up, though, and I have to say I’m really liking the Pandia Press History Odyssey.  The work Brianna has done has really been impressive and I feel like she’s learning a lot.  I’m really rethinking my comment that I might not like the Level 1 guides.  I’m seriously considering them for Josh and Megan next year.

Speaking of Josh and Megan, we got back to Rocket Phonics a couple of months ago and I’ve really been impressed with how much their reading has improved.  Josh still does a lot of “sounding out,” but I see his confidence level improving and I’m seeing a growing number of words that he is reading fluently.  He’s a lot like Brianna was when she was his age in that he often reads the big words with nary a pause, while the short, seemingly simple words trip him up.  I don’t get that at all, but Brianna used to do the same thing.

I guess those are the highlights of our week.  Don’t forget to enter to win The Elements of Art online art instruction membership that I’m giving away.  It’s a great course and I’ll be drawing a winner later today.

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  1. Sounds like a good week over your way Kris! Postponing spring break is no fun but its so nice that you CAN do it since your hubby will be working next week!

    p.s You look great! =0) Love the family photo!

  2. GREAT family photo! And congrats on the weight loss – great job! We are taking spring break next week too. I am skippity do dah this Friday afternoon along with the nice weather 🙂

  3. We haven't been to the zoo in so long… sounds fun! Good luck with your last week before spring break!

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