Weekly Wrap-Up: The Staycation Edition

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I thought I’d go ahead and get the Wrap-Up posted early this week since I doubt our Friday will hold any blog-worthy excitement. First of all, before I lose you in my ramblings, I want to make an announcement about a special, themed-edition Weekly Wrap-Up next week. I’ve never done a themed Wrap-Up, but, after reading my curriculum post yesterday, a friend emailed me with a suggestion that I loved and I decided that next week’s Wrap-Up would be a perfect time to implement it.

Next week’s Wrap-Up will be a “Share Your Curriculum” post! It was confirmed by many of you that we homechoolers do, in fact, love to nose into what curriculum others are using. So, get your curriculum posts ready. It doesn’t matter if you do them next Friday or sometime before, just be sure to link directly to your curriculum post when you add it to next week’s link-up. Be sure to share links and/or reviews in your post because you know we’ll want to know more.

Okay, service announcement over – on to this week’s Wrap-Up. Brian’s birthday was Tuesday, so he took the week off. Monday, we spent the day shopping for his birthday present (a guy-gadget that he needed to pick out himself). He had a ball game that night, so the kids and I just loafed around the house. This was also the day that I was sorely tempted by some adorable boxer pups in the Wal-mart parking lot. We were strong though; we walked away.

Tuesday was Brian’s birthday. We hung around the house and played his other birthday present, Rock Band 2. Then, we all went and watched his ball game (apparently the kids and I are bad luck – they lost) before going out for his birthday dinner. That was where the server tried to charge us $5.95 for the one plate of salad that Josh ate (because he doesn’t care for their food, but likes their salads) when an entire kids’ meal, including the salad, only cost $4.25. I made him I made Brian make him take it off, charge us for a kids’ meal, and bring the kids’ meal in a to-go box! He could have mentioned, when we ordered, that he’d be charging us more for the salad than for a kids’ meal.

Wednesday was spent swimming with friends…and invading their living room to play Guitar Hero: World Tour, which we almost went out and bought on our way home. That is a lot of fun! Thursday, we stayed around the house to catch up housework and laundry. Isn’t it amazing how messy a house can get when you’re there long enough to just sleep and shower…oh, yeah…and play video games.

Today is Brian’s golf day. If I can get it together enough, I think the kids and I are going to bake a cake and put together a little birthday party to cap off the week.

See? Isn’t that just more excitement than you can stand? I’m sure it wasn’t fun to read, but it’s been such a nice week just hanging out together and taking some time off from our normal routine, not to mention staying up till all hours and sleeping in every day. 😉

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  1. We love rock band. If you're tempted to get Guitar Hero look into Rock band, it's a 4 player option.
    I"m hoping to get a weekly wrap up next week…… Sigh, silly too busy to really post anything.

  2. Happy birthday to Brian! It sounds like you had a fun, relaxing week. What more could you ask for in summer? 🙂

    I'm really looking forward to the next WWU!!

  3. Sounds like a great stay-cation! I wish Mark could take a week off just for fun. He usually ends up taking all of his vacation for sick days (for himself but also to watch the kids if I am sick or to help me if too many of them are sick for me to handle) or for mental health days (what he calls it when he is getting burned out and just needs one day off). As a result we haven't had a vacation that wasn't caused by a move or a hurricane since… no, wait, that was a funeral. Ok, since ever. LOL.

    Oh, BTW, I totally second Rock Band. Thank you, Ticia, for mentioning that because we are having Wii Family Night tonight and we haven't played that in a while!

  4. We actually have Rock Band — 1 and 2…and Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. And, yes, we're considering getting Guitar Hero: World Tour. That would give us a total of two drum sets, five guitars and two microphones.

    How sad is that?

  5. Sounds like you've had a great family week. I wish i could get my hubby to take some time off! We have a trip planned in August – let's see if it happens! Looking forward to the curriculum posts next week – great idea!

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