Weekly Wrap-Up: The last one of summer break

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Happy Friday, y’all! And just like that, our summer break is over. {sigh} Why do the breaks always go so quickly? You know what, though? I think it was a smart decision to delay the start of our school year for a week because now I’m actually excited to get started. The kids? They’d never admit being excited even if they were.

This year, thanks to several activities still on the calendar, I’ll really get to put that flexible start thing to the test. Monday is Brian’s birthday and he’s off work. Tuesday, Megan is going rafting with the middle school kids from church. That means we’ll be starting Wednesday. Then, the following week, Megan is gone for a local mission trip for the first three days of the week.

After that, we get a full week at home before Josh goes out of town for a long weekend with a friend. My goal is just to wisely use the days we are home to get a head-start on our school year, but not to stress over the days the kids are gone. Those experiences will have an educational value of their own.

tiny snail

(Check out this ridiculously tiny snail that was on my porch yesterday. That’s a ridiculously disgusting penny beside it.)

Before I forget, I want to let you know that next week, we’ll have a special Share Your Curriculum edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up. You can still share your regular Weekly Wrap-Up post, but I’ll also invite you to link up a post where you’ve highlighted what curriculum you’ll be using next year. It’s always fun to take a peek at what others are using.

Monday started our week off great. It was a beautiful day for a run and I actually felt really good during the run. It’s sometimes been a slow go getting back into the swing of things, so I get excited when I feel good during a run.

Speaking of running, I’ve made a note on my calendar to start the kids – if they’re still interested – on the Couch to 5K program the week after Josh gets back from his trip, when life should settle back down to normal. I’ve also marked on my calendar a local race with a pretty easy out and back course for the end of the 9 week program. I think that will be great incentive for them to get out an run with me. Maybe.


Anyway, I had a great run, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and I got to have breakfast with one of my favorite people. It was a great way to start the week.

I think we finally have everything squared away for Brianna to begin cosmetology school sometime within the next few weeks. She’s my artsy kid and is very interested in pursuing a career involving special effects make-up for movies. I know that’s probably a long shot, but, hey, somebody has to do it. Getting her cosmetology license seemed a wise first step since that will also give her a marketable skill that she can use anywhere to work her way through whatever path she takes to pursue her goals.

Meanwhile, Megan has gotten quite serious with gymnastics. She’s working toward landing a spot on the competition team. One of the team coaches has evaluated her and it seems she’s pretty close. I’m not sure I’m ready to become a gymnastics mom. At least the center is really close to our house, so when we get to the point of multiple hours of practice a day, dropping her off and returning home will not be out of the question.

Josh has another band gig coming up early next month. It looks like this time he’ll get quite a bit of performance time, so he’s excited about that. He’ll be playing both guitar and drums again during the show. That kid has some amazing musical talent. He comes by it honestly. Brian plays guitar and his dad plays piano. My dad is the guitarist in a local band. Me? Musical talent skipped right on over me.

We were at our favorite eating place in all the world – Chick-Fil-A – Wednesday night when I noticed two of the young, female employees looking out the window and using the word, “gorgeous.” I totally thought they were looking at some boy – then I noticed the rainbow. It was gorgeous! It’s been a long time since I saw one where I could see the entire arc and make out all the colors. This photo does not do it justice:


If you look closely up above the primary rainbow, you can see that it appears to be double rainbow. It was really beautiful.

Don’t forget to get your 2014-2015 curriculum posts ready to share next week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Your summer is nearly over? Our hasn’t even started yet! 🙂 Your idea of a flexible start is a good one. It’s better to ease everyone back to the rigour of a new school year than to jump right in. Have a great weekend!

  2. I looked at the couch to 5K program. I used to run before I married Gary but it has now been 17 or so years and I’m genuinely a bit concerned I might have a heart attack. It is a goal though (probably one waaaay in the future) because I used to love to run. I’m certain all five children would join me.
    It is very interesting to hear about Brianna’s plans. I think they are awesome ones and very unusual. You must be very proud to see her step out on her own to reach her goals for her life.

  3. Um yeah, I WON’T be participating in the curriculum share. I am not ready yet. La la la la (fingers in ears)!! It sounds like a lovely week and you have a great start to the school year planned.

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