Weekly Wrap-Up: The one that started with an amazing Valentine gift

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve each had an amazing week! I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine, but I hear that snow is in the forecast for next week. I’m ready for spring!

My week started off nicely with a special Valentine treat from my husband who clearly knows me very well.

Valentine tea

Y’all, I am being completely serious when I say that that gallon of tea made me happier than a dozen roses (which are nothing more than severed plant genitalia, according to Sheldon Cooper) ever could have.

We were back to school after a week off. It’s still taking some time getting used to Brianna being home more during the day since she graduated cosmetology school. She takes the written portion of her exam next week to get her license. Wish her luck!

So, other than soaking my dog, Peanuts’ behind in Epsom salt and treating an infected spot with antibiotic cream – don’t ask; that’s already much more than you wanted to know – the highlights of my week have included:

Asking my 14 year old to teach me how to make better Instagram pictures. (Did you see that I’ve added an Instagram icon to my social media buttons in the header? You can find me more easily now, if you’re on Instagram.) There’s nothing to make you feel old quite like having to ask your kids to help you with technology.

Oh, and she’s just started showing me some tricks, so don’t just her ability based on my current Instagram. Hers is beautiful.

sick dog

Getting my butt kicked by an algebra problem. Yeah. I stated on my Facebook page that if my ability to successfully homeschool my kids was being based on that one math problem, I would agree with anyone who said I was unfit to teach them. Thank goodness for Teaching Textbooks and the fact that I understand most of the algebra problems.

I’ve just got to say that I take issue with the problem anyway. Why it is my business how much money Mr. Smith invested in bonds with varying interest rates? That’s just nosy. And, if it’s Mr. Smith who’s trying to figure it out, he’s got more important problems if he can’t remember what he did with a significant portion of $18,000.

Making macaroni and bacon casserole. Okay, it wasn’t so much making it as the way it was requested that cracked me up. Brian hates macaroni and bacon casserole, but the kids love it so we usually have it for lunch, but we haven’t had it in awhile.

I woke up Wednesday to a note on my grocery list board that read, “We should have the mac-n-cheese thing today!” My family prayer request board read, “I bet they have mac-n-cheese in heaven.” And, finally, the little magnetic notepad that hangs on the fridge screamed: “Mac-n-cheese! Mac-n-cheese! Mac-n-cheese! Mac-n-cheese! Mac-n-cheese! You know you love me!”

Yeah, we had macaroni and bacon casserole for lunch yesterday. {grin}

In case you missed anything on the blog this week:

Plus, there are a bunch of posts at About.com that you might have missed since I forgot to share them last week and the week. I’ve also got a new one publishing today, What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Homeschool. (I’ll update with the link later, but it will be live at 8 AM).

The ones you may have missed include:

I’ve been busy on the internet lately because I also shared my Day in the Life post at Simple Homeschool last week and 5 Common Misconceptions about Bloggers and Blogging at Real Life at Home earlier this week.

And, I just wanted to take a second to remind y’all that I’ll be running a 5K to raise money for Mercy House Kenya in April. I’m halfway to my goal of $250. I’d be so grateful if you’d help me reach my goal. You can donate on my Run for Mercy page if you feel so inclined.

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  1. My kid is eight and already schooling me in some things-they have nooks (that are password protected and that I check regularly) and of course she’s an expert already? But I need them all to have engineering degrees so they can support me in a fabulous way when I get old lol so I encourage it.

  2. I have been making some crafty items for a teenager friend of mine to fundraise with. I have posted pictures of a few on my blog but forgot to take a picture of one. She took a picture that was far better than mine and was worried that it wouldn’t be good enough. I stole some of her photographing tricks. 🙂

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