Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where Life Went Back to Normal

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Weekly Wrap-Up

After back-to-back homeschool convention weekends and two crazy-busy weeks, it’s been extremely enjoyable to get back into a normal routine this week. Plus, now that I’m back home, I don’t have to worry about WordPress randomly deciding not to publish my scheduled posts. {ahem} Sorry about that last week!

Monday was the first life skills day we’ve had in a long time, but with two weekends away from home, the house was a disaster. It was one of those days where I hit the ground running and got so much accomplished that I amazed myself. With a clean, de-cluttered house, I was mentally prepared to jump back into school on Tuesday.

It’s kind of strange focusing on just Josh and Megan this year. With Brianna working on tying up a few loose ends for graduation and working more hours, it’s just the three of us most days. Add to that the fact that I am working on moving Josh and Megan toward greater independence means that I find myself in an unusual new season of life.

Honestly, I kind of like it. Now, if I could just learn to manage my work-at-home time a little better I might find myself with a considerably less-hectic schedule and some more free time.

Want to hear something funny? Josh has expressed a desire to start school earlier each day. In all honesty, I’m right there with him. We’re finishing quite late each afternoon thanks to a fuller middle school schedule. If it weren’t for late nights picking Brianna up at work, I think at least Josh and I would be on-board for starting earlier.

I’m thinking that when we start our second six weeks, we’ll give an earlier school day a try. That gives me three weeks to psych myself up. {grin}


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  1. You could always get a two year old in. They wake up with alarming regularity at about 530 am every.single.morning. In fact you can have mine as your daily wake up call and you can hand her back at, oh I don’t know, how’s 9am sound? Just think of all the work you could achieve in those early hours. Imagine all the sleep I could achieve in those early hours. It’s a win-win situation. Call me!

  2. My 11YO is moving towards a later start time, but my 9YO is up and ready to go. I’ve arranged our day so their joint lessons start at 12p. This lets the 9YO get started/done earlier and the 11YO get started/done later while I am not pulling my hair out teaching the same lesson twice a day. Maybe something similar could work in your house?

    1. It might work if mine were inclined to get up and get started on their independent work. I think starting early sounds good in theory until it comes time to actually start on your own work. That’s where it breaks down. 😉

  3. Congrats on getting back to a normal routine. I’m hoping for that myself this coming up week. Thank you for hosting the Weekly Wrap Up! betty jo

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