Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with all the Snow

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday! Okay, that phrase “the one with all the snow” might be misleading to some of you. It might sound like there are several feet of snow on the ground. Nope. I think it was only an inch or two, but it doesn’t take much of the wet, icy variety we get to combine with all the hills and mountains of the South, along with little equipment to deal with the roads to make a real mess.

My husband got stuck at work for the first time ever on Tuesday. Well, he was able to stay with someone who lives near his work, but he did not make it home. He was able to drive home Wednesday, but he still have to park his car a couple of streets over and walk the rest of the way as the roads leading to our house were still impassable.

Snow Day

As of yesterday, we still haven’t attempted to get my car out of our really steep driveway. It was pretty, though, and the kids had a blast, but I am ready for all this nasty white stuff to be gone. I live in the South for a reason, y’all.

I really battled with the snow day/no snow day thing. On the one hand, all the public schools were out and there was snow outside. On the other hand, we took an extra week off at the beginning of the year and I don’t want to be so flexible with our time that my kids aren’t being educated.

So, I compromised. We cut school down to the basics and took long breaks for playing outside (them, not me). Megan even spent the night with my niece, who lives in our neighborhood, and came home around noon the next day for some school before walking back over for some more fun in the snow.

cats and snow

Snow-wet towels and discarded boots, mitten, and scarves make a comfy bed, apparently.

We just started a unit on cells in REAL Science Odyssey. I’m so excited! That means we’ll get to do some cell models. We’ve done a Jello cell before, so I’m really leaning toward a cake cell or a sandwich cell…and definitely some Twizzler DNA.

Have you or your kids ever read Adam of the Road? Josh and Megan are reading it and they both say it’s boring. Brianna has commented several times that she didn’t like it and had a hard time reading it. I’m debating on whether or not I should make them finish it. We really like all the other books we’re reading, but they’re not impressed with that one.

keeping warm

Yesterday, my husband came in from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. I’m really a gifts kind of girl when it comes to love languages, so that made my day.


Then, I fell on a patch of ice. I mean, feet completely out from under me. I think my back hit first, then, I cracked my head. On brick steps, y’all. Somehow, my left pinkie finger got squashed, too. I think it got between me and the brick step. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to be able to move today. {sigh} I’m too old for this.

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. oh my word – I hope you’re ok. falling (at our age) sucks. I’m so sorry. We’ve been looking at dreary rain for 3 days I want to pull my hair out! I wish it’d snow!

    hope you have a bruise-less weekend!

  2. Saying a prayer for you right now regarding the fall on the ice. Those can be so nasty, often leading to broken bones (we’re in Ohio). Love your blog and I’m so happy for your sister and you about the blessing of a new baby! Always love the photos of you holding her!

  3. I hope you are feeling better very soon. Falls on ice can really hurt. We did sort of the same thing with the snow. We just made recess/gym time a little longer and went on with our regular day. Thanks for hosting the Weekly Wrap-up!

  4. Crazy week with the snow, wasn’t it!? Sorry you fell but at least didn’t get hurt worse. I mostly stayed in the house, huddled around the oven making muffins every day just to try to stay warm! I’m not cut out for cold weather!

  5. We can’t seem to get rid of the snow, either! I’m checking out those cell experiments for us. We just did one about plate tectonics using Graham crackers and whipped cream. It was a hit…I mean, come on. There was food involved! Your flowers are beautiful! You’re so blessed!

  6. Oh yuck. I hate falling on ice. I would move south just to avoid that if we weren’t farmers. Sorry it still found you down there. Glad your DH had a place to stay! I like your snow day compromise, too.

  7. Oh, falling on ice is no fun at all. I hope everything is in working order soon with no permanent damage. We do get our fair share of snow in Missouri, but I really hate the ice which is forecasted for tonight and tomorrow. Even though we are more accustomed to snow it still causes havoc here with a few inches too. Mostly due to budget cuts that don’t allow for that many snow storms or pretreating streets.

    1. Thank you for your honesty! I’m all about making them persevere with a “boring” because often they will get into it eventually (like The Hound of the Baskervilles), but I’m not above giving up on something that’s truly boring. I may let them off the hook.

  8. We live in Birmingham and went through that mess. I shortened everything on Tuesday as snow started falling. We have friends and family that did not make it home till Wednesday as well. I also abbreviated Wednesday and through school out the window till Monday. Using this time to catch up on planning and getting ahead.

    I pray you heal from your fall.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m so glad we’re back to normal here. I sincerely hope that whole “super storm” thing I keep hearing about for next week doesn’t come to pass.

  9. We had fun with “all the snow” also. It was probably barely an inch here. 🙂

    So sorry about your fall on the ice. I know that would be hard for me, and I’m sure I couldn’t move for day! Hope you recover quickly.

    1. Thanks, Leah. I had a really bad headache last night and couldn’t tell if it was from the fall or just not enough caffeine. It still hurt a bit this morning, but felt better after a shot of caffeine, so I’m guessing that was the problem.

  10. I read all my kids’ books before they do so I had read Adam of the Road. It was VERY hard for me to get through it. I almost didn’t have my kids read it because of that alone. As it turned out, we were traveling back home to the States from Japan during that time in our curriculum and didn’t have the book handy. Therefore, they didn’t read it. I won’t necessarily suggest it to anyone or my kids in the future.

  11. I’m glad you’re not too sore, Kris. I remember falling on my bottom while attempting to ripstik last year – ouch!
    Love the snow photo of the bird feeders, and the cat looking so snug.
    Thank you for hosting – hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Lucinda

  12. I am so sorry you fell!! That is no joke! I feel twice while we were living in Alaska and both times, I was seriously injured. These bodies just can’t take it after a while, eh??

    We had to make the same choice as you for our homeschool snow days. The Army moved us in the middle of our school year by surprise. So we are really cutting it close since they are moving us again this summer 🙁 We had to get stuff done, but we were able to get out in the white fluffy (we are in SC now and we miss the snow!!) for a long play time. It was awesome!!!

  13. Is it ENTIRELY childish and unsympathetic of me that I giggled when you said you fell? ;0)

    In all sincerity, I apologize and I hope you recover quickly.

    And when it comes to snow in the south, I do NOT think Northerners “get it” until they live down here. There IS no driving on the back roads when there is an inch or more. We live in East Tennessee, Knoxville shuts down when we get an unpredicted amount of snow. And I am OK with that! Being able to be on lock down is good every now and again…

    1. Well, clearly I didn’t see the humor in it since it was my head and back the took the full impact of my fall on the brick stairs. Oh, well.

      I’ve got friends that have moved down here from up north. They admitted that they quit making fun after they had to try to drive in the snow down here.

    1. Thank, Audria. I haven’t been as sore as I thought I’d be. I felt like my focus was a bit off yesterday, but I think I’m back to normal today. I’m not sure how much of an improvement that is.

  14. Funny about Adam of the Road. We like it around here.

    I hope you feel less bruised by now! I always worry about falling on the ice, but my winter boots have pretty good grip and I move very carefully. That’s why we have a treadmill inside. LOL

    Enjoy the flowers!

    1. I usually tread pretty gingerly on those steps after it’s snowed, but I was preoccupied. I don’t think I’ll be preoccupied again anytime soon. Ouch.

  15. So sorry about the fall! Been there, done that (unfortunately). We just moved to VA after 5 years in AL. My newsfeed was FULL of all the fun everyone in AL was having with the snow. Wish we could have been there with them. As for the book, I will admit it was a very hard read (I ended up reading it aloud), but it really was good in the end.

  16. You may have already decided on Adam of the Road, but in case you are still looking for an opinion… We LOVED the book! I can’t believe your kids think it is boring! Ha! Well, I read it aloud to my kids one year–my oldest was about 13. Funny thing is that we loved Adam of the Road and then read the highly recommended A Door in the Wall and found it to be extremely boring. Maybe it depends on which book you read first? I think the two are somewhat similar, but I could be wrong–it’s been awhile.

    1. See, we’re reading A Door in the Wall, too. It’s a read-aloud and they’re reading Adam of the Road independently. We’re all enjoying A Door in the Wall. Perhaps it’s just a matter of taste. As of now, they’re still plugging along with Adam of the Road. We’ll see how it goes.

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