Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Birthdays, Flowers, and a Little OCD

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Good Friday morning! As I mentioned briefly last week, I’m trying something new this week – posting the Weekly Wrap-Up at my normal posting time of 6 AM (ET). All these years I’ve done it on Friday afternoon, so people could include things that they did on Friday in their wrap-up posts. I’ve noticed, though, that a lot of people have their posts up bright and early and are just waiting on me to get myself in gear.

Since Fridays are either a catch-up day for us or a light school day, it makes sense for me to go ahead and schedule my post for Friday morning. That’s because, if it’s a light school day, I don’t have much to add and if it’s a catch-up day, I don’t have time to add it. So, here we are, trying something new.

Another new thing I’m trying is getting up earlier. I’ve made it every day so far this week. The funny thing is, all the kids are on board, too. Brianna and I have committed to holding each other accountable. The younger two are still in the “psyching themselves up” stage. I don’t know that I’m much of an accountability partner. Brianna got up early two days. On one of the other two, she got up early to wake me up then went back to bed!

We’re making progress, though.

Last Saturday was Megan’s birthday. We had a fun day of shopping. Then, on Sunday, I took her and a couple of friends roller skating after church. I didn’t realize Megan had never been. I’m not sure she enjoyed it as much as she thought she would. She has an insanely large bruise on her knee to show for her efforts. She had a blast hanging out with her friends, though. They’re weird, unsocialized homeschoolers, too.


(And, yes, that is a Dairy Queen ice cream cake – the very best cake for celebrating birthdays, as far as we’re concerned.)

Monday was a fun mail day. This came from Zeezok Publishing:


I’ll be telling you more in February.

Brian came walking in the door with a big, beautiful bouquet on Tuesday. Just because. Yeah, I love that man.


So apparently, being a little OCD runs in my family. For years, we’ve had dinner at my sister’s house once a week. In recent years, we’ve narrowed down meals that nearly everyone likes, so we have them on a fairly regular basis. This week we discovered a new one – pasta night, in which everyone brought different types of pasta and/or related sides.

Pasta night was such a big hit that it was suggested that we have it on a regular basis. That led me to make a suggestion that I thought would make people think I was a little…well, OCD. Like I said, apparently it runs in families, because everyone loved the idea.

We’re putting our favorite meals on an 8-week rotation (with one “wild card” week for a variety of meals we like, but not well enough to have quite so often). We actually wrote the meals down and people were adding the scheduled dates to their calendars as we sat around the table. (Google calendars with email reminders to each of us, no less.)

We’re oddly excited about this. Does that make us sound crazy or can you relate?

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  1. We’ve been thinking the same thing about meal rotation! It must be wonderful to be so close to family. We don’t have the blessing of extended family anymore. Even our own kids are all over the place now! Tell Megan happy late birthday for me!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting the link up! I love that so many people got it up and ready early. I plan for that but then end up writing my posts at night.

  3. I’ve been wondering what it is about this time of year that gets us all excited about new meal-planning ideas? No matter – it’s fun!
    LOVE that birthday cake! LOL about Brianna waking you and going back to bed!
    Thanks for hosting – Have a great weekend. Lucinda

    1. Maybe it is this time of year for the meal planning excitement. I just completely redid the weekly menu that I post on our fridge – lots of pretty colors and I added space for breakfast. I even had to get a clear plastic sign holder for it. I’m telling you, I’ve got OCD tendencies.

  4. Oh yes, we rotate things as well. But we are even more vague:
    Italian, Leftovers, Casserole, Soup/Salad, Grill Something, Roast (varies between poultry & beef), Mexican, Breakfast for dinner… haha

    Have a great next week.
    Hugs & Blessings,

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