Weekly Wrap-Up: The one with the tires, the leak, and the drastic new ‘do

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, y’all! Have you had an amazing week? It’s been gorgeous here. The sun has been shining, the birds have been singing – and I know this because I’ve been able to keep my doors and windows open to enjoy their singing and the gorgeous fall weather. My October electric bill is usually the lowest all year, thanks to those lovely open windows.

Monday started with some time at home alone. Brian was off, so he and Josh went to work out at the gym. Then, they came home and picked Megan up for lunch with Brian’s parents. I love my family dearly, but it’s always nice to have an hour or so at home alone.

Orange demon

He looks so sweet an innocent, doesn’t he? Yeah, and then he wakes up. He’s a little orange demon. He’s not even Not Gus.

Tuesday was, to quote a meme I saw on Facebook, “the Mondayest Tuesday ever.” Megan was supposed to go to a concert in Atlanta with a friend. We got the car loaded up to drop her off at her friend’s house, I got in and started it, put it in reverse, and immediately knew that I had a flat tire.

Yep. Completely flat.

So, quick change of plans. The friend’s dad came to get Megan and when Brian got home, he took the car to have the tire checked. It needed to be replaced. Two others have had a slow leak and the tread is low on all of them, so four new tires for me (always a fun way to spend your money – not) – but not until the next day.

Meanwhile, Brian came home and his dad came over to climb up on the roof and look for the leak we discovered during all the rain last week. Thankfully, they found the problem and were able to fix it, but not before we wound up with a lovely large-oak-tree-shaped water stain on our dining room ceiling.

As all this was going on, Brianna sent me this picture:


It’s her hair. In a pony tail. Cut off. From her head.

Ah, the joys of having a kid in cosmetology school. See the blue in the pony tail? It didn’t turn out the way she wanted, so she decided to do what’s she’s been thinking about for a long time – go for a super-short cut. Fortunately, it looks fantastic on her!


See? I was worried that she wasn’t going to like it or that I wasn’t and I was going to have to come up with something positive to say, but we all really like it on her. The first photo is sans make-up and my personal favorite, but I know she’d want you to see her fully made up photo, too.

Wednesday morning, Brian called to say that my tires were in and he had spoken to someone at Costco who said if I brought the car in, they could go ahead and put the tires on. Um, yeah. After the 2.5 hour wait!

I was just calling Megan’s friend’s mom to see if she could bring Megan, who had spent the night at her house, home – and, you know, pick me up on the way – when I ran into another friend who was there shopping. I told her what was going on and she offered to bring me home. Um, yes, please!

Costco called to say that my car was ready a couple of hours later, just before Megan’s friend’s mom brought her home, so she offered to take me over there to pick it up. (I live, like, 5 minutes from Costco.) So, yay for good friends who kindly do huge favors for me!


My sweet girl-kitty, Chloe

Megan had a fantastic time at the concert. She posted some pictures on Facebook while she was still at her friend’s house. One was a selfie with some girls I didn’t know. The conversation on Facebook went like this:

Me: So, did you know those people in your selfie or did you just make friends with them there?

Daughter: Made friends with them.

Me: I figured as much. Clearly being homeschooled has stunted your social skills. How will you ever learn to interact with people in the real world?

Love that outgoing girl of mine.

Oh, and in other news, Charlotte is back! Brian’s dad spotted her Tuesday when they were working on the roof. She’s moved again since then and seems to like her new spot.

I don’t.

It’s very close to the steps, meaning it’s almost overhead when I go outside. As long as she stays where I can see her, I guess we’ll be okay.

Charlotte is back

In case you haven’t visited me at About.com this week, I wanted to invite you to check out my two articles there – 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Homeschool (because I really don’t think it’s for everyone) and 10 Ways for Homeschooled Kids to Socialize (for people who aren’t like me and don’t want to please just stay home for a little while, thank you very much).

I’ve also got a heartfelt post up at Simple Homeschool, 5 high school truths I wish I’d known. I hope you’ll check it out!

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Kris Bales is a newly-retired homeschool mom and the quirky, Christ-following, painfully honest founder (and former owner) of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She has a pretty serious addiction to sweet tea and Words with Friends. Kris and her husband of over 30 years are parents to three amazing homeschool grads. They share their home with three dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon, and seven birds.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the hair!! I’m very jealous. When I was Brianna’s age I had mine chopped off and bleached white blond. It looked so great and I loved it…for all of about two days, by which time it had turned from a gorgeous white blond to a horrible orange! Please tell her it looks fab!

    1. She’s lucky because she was white-blonde as a child, so it’s not horribly different from her natural color. Hopefully it won’t do anything crazy as it grows out.

  2. Tyres – ouch! I had to have my tracking redone last week, that was another ouch. Love the cool hair, though – you’re right, it really suits Brianna! I’m keeping an eye on my overhead spiders too!

  3. Kris – what a week – hate the tire thing..just got four new ones on my truck..talk about costs 8(

    Love the kitty pictures! Kids love the spider one!

    THAT HAIR – Oh wow I love it!

    being a survivor of childhood cancer and have lost my hair for two years when I was 15, I can so appreciate how important hair can be to young girls. She rocks the new look!

    1. Well, at least someone appreciates the spider pic. 😉 Yes, hair can be so important – I think to women in general. I know mine still is. I imagine that was difficult to deal with at 15. I’m so glad you beat childhood cancer. We have a friend whose son is a young cancer survivor. He’s an amazing kid.

  4. LOVE the haircut! She’s such a pretty girl.

    I’m not going to say anything about Charlotte after my un-caffienated duh comment last week, never to be mentioned again (right?!). I’m completely jealous of your alone time, and your cats, as always, are adorable.

  5. Your daughter looks fabulous with short hair! I just chopped mine off a few weeks ago – so much easier to take care of.

    Not so sure I could live with that spider above my head though!

    1. Yes, Charlotte is a lot creepier in her new spot. Thanks for the new ‘do compliment. I was really pleasantly surprised at how good the cut looked on Brianna. I can’t pull off short hair.

  6. I love your girl’s haircut! My now 16 year old daughter asked us for a year if she could cut her hair short before we agreed, and as soon as she did I LOVED it on her. She’s had it short for 2 years now. I also had a flat this week, on our way back from a field trip, requiring roadside assistance, and ended up replacing my balding tires. Since we are driving out of town later this month, I guess it’s a good thing, except for the money.

    1. Yeah, mine is 20 and in cosmetology school, so no asking was involved. She just sent me a picture of her chopped-off ponytail. She said she wasn’t even going to do that, but decided she should in case I freaked out. LOL I was a little concerned, but it’s just hair. It will grow.

      And, no fun with the flat while out with the kiddos. I’m so thankful we were at home when mine happened. Have a safe trip when you go out of town!

  7. Wow, that IS a drastic change, bu it look good on her! Is there still some blue in the back? We finally had sun and blue skies this week too!!

    The embeded or pop up ads in your posts wreck havoc with my browser….whine over, grins.

    1. Yes, she’s still got some blue – even after bleaching. I’m sorry about the ads. I’m so frustrated with them. I’m sending another email to my ad network. What browser are you using. I appreciate the “whine.” I never want ads to diminish usability on my site.

      1. I use internet explorer…..sometimes I get locked up on the ad and can’t get past it, which is why I haven’t been leaving comments, it’s too frustrating.

    1. Ouch. Yeah, it’s no fun…and there are a lot of things I’d have rather spent my money on than tires. {sigh} Still, first-world problems, right?

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