Weekly Wrap-Up: Wrapping Up France

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Are you curious about why the Weekly Wrap-Up is later than usual this week? Did you even notice?  I took a nap after we finished school today!  *gasp*  I rarely do that, but I was so sleepy and Brian was home from work early, lying in the bed watching TV and my dog, my own personal space heater, curled up on my feet and that was all she wrote.

So, now that I’m awake again, have my glass of sweet tea by my side and some good music playing, let me see if I can recall anything interesting we did this week.

Mostly, we tried to catch up on our reading about France for Around the World Day since we had a light week last week with everyone being sick.  Next week, we’ll devote to tying up all the loose ends on the projects for the actual event on Friday.  Our main book this week has been Touch of Light: The Story of Louis Braille, which the kids have actually enjoyed, rather than simply tolerating. In addition to reading, we discussed what we wanted to include on our project board, what foods we’ll serve, and what representative artifacts we want to put on our table.

This was Brianna’s last week of official volleyball practice, though they’ll still be having “open gym” nights from time to time during the off-season.  Brian is finishing up fall softball, as well, so we’ll soon be enjoying more free nights at home.  I enjoy everyone’s activities, but I’d be lying if I said that one of the nicest things about fall/winter isn’t the reduction in outside activities.

Wednesday was a beautiful day for our nature study.  The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect — not cool, but no sweating involved either, though we did have to contend with mosquitoes the size of small birds.  Seriously, we found a pile of bird feathers where some bird had obviously met with a violent encounter and Josh speculated that maybe the mosquitoes got him.  I love that kid’s wit.

fallen tree

I found a wonderful site for identifying trees by their leaves or their fruit.  I posted the link on my nature post Thursday, but here it is again, in case you missed it.  It wasn’t without error (probably operator error, if the truth be known), but it definitely helped narrow down the possibilities.

Thursday night, Megan was invited to go see Disney on Ice with her cousin.  Brian had a ball game and Brianna was supposed to have volleyball practice, so it looked like Josh and I were going to get a date night.  Brianna’s practice got canceled, though, so the three of us went out.  It was really fun.  It’s amazing how just being a couple of people short changes the whole relational dynamics of a group.  Josh didn’t even mind when Brianna and I got off on “New Moon” tangents.  He’s growing up so much and turning into a real gentleman, holding my door for me every time we got into the car.  Brian doesn’t even do that!

We went and got something to eat then we went to look at Halloween costumes and hit the used book and thrift stores.  We just got ideas at the costume stores because Josh hasn’t decided what he wants to be.  Brianna wants to be Alice Cullen and we got some great ideas online.  We found a great shirt for the Alice look at the thrift store (we’ve got to get her hair cut next week).  We hit the jackpot at the used book store, too — no books, though.  We found two CDs that I’ve been looking for — All-American Rejects (I think I may be hitting my midlife crisis and trying to relive my youth) — and one that Brianna has been looking for.  Josh found two video games, but that’s nothing to write home about; he never has any trouble finding things he wants.

In the educating me department, I’ve still been enjoying sketching, though I haven’t spend as much time at it this week.  Here’s what I sent in for Sketch Tuesday last week:

cat drawing

This week’s assignment is to draw your hand holding a leaf.  Here’s what I’ve got so far, though I haven’t decided if this is the final sketch that I’m going to send in:

hand drawing

That’s our week, in a nutshell.  How was your week? Be sure to post about it and sign up with MckLinky. If this is your first time to join us, be sure to read the Weekly Wrap-Up guidelines.

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  1. A nap…you took a nap!? I live vicariously through you…tell me that we both woke up refreshed and revived (cuz I'm feeling like road kill).

    Great drawyings!

  2. I sneak in a nap a few times a week also haha! Love it 🙂

    Your sketches are great also, I wish I was more artsy, but I have a hard time even drawing a stick person some days. Need more practice I guess 🙂

  3. A nap? A nap would have been great today.

    The nature studies – you are getting so consistent! We had rain all day so I had an excuse not to take the kids outside…LOL.

  4. Absolutely, Joesette! We woke up totally refreshed and revived…and only a teeny bit grumpy. 😉

  5. Well now I feel bad that I disturbed your nap time!! lol…. You usually beat me so I was just wondering this morning.. lol…. I seriously doubt it will happen that way again!! lol…

    Hope you have a great weekend Kris!

  6. Loved reading about your week.. I love the sketches you did. The hand is great. That is one of the hardest things to sketch from what I hear. You did a fantastic job.

  7. Your sketching is coming along very well. It is another thing I want to learn how to do- right after I finish sewing clothes for my kiddos, and learn the violin, and practice the piano…..

  8. I just recently found your blog through my friend Paige at Elemental Science and I think it's great!
    I enjoyed reading about your week-the nature time sounds wonderful.

  9. Haha for some reason I don't see you listening to All American Rejects, Kris. My friend's cousin is the guitarist (I think), and their a pretty good band. Entertaining live too, but I don't think I'd take your kids to see them.

  10. How nice that you got to nap!! Your week sounds great. I love tying up loose ends and looking forward to quieter times! Sports sure are fun, though. =) The bird that came to it's demise at the hand of mosquitoes cracked me up.

  11. Your sketch is amazing!!

    I try to sneak in naps occassionally as well. The difference is that my boys are awake by 5am every morning so my nap may be from 5:30 to 7am 🙂

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