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I need a nap…and I fully intend to sleep in tomorrow. It has been such a busy week! Monday started with the basics of school in the morning, followed by Megan’s birthday party that afternoon. Tuesday and Thursday were “hit it hard and heavy” days here at home with Wednesday being music and co-op.

The co-op is going really well. I have been very impressed with the art lessons, for which we’re using Berry Stebbing’s I Can Do All Things. I wasn’t sure how much Brianna would get out of the lessons since she’s already had a year and a half of art, but after watching the kids on Wednesday, I think they’re all going to pick some things up this year. It was really cool to see all the kids’ artwork and how they each approach the same lesson in their own, unique way.

Today was the highlight of the week — our homeschool group’s annual Not-Back-to-School party. We had nearly 120 people at this year’s event! That just amazes me since our group started with four or five families who just happened to have kids close in age and wanted a way to keep in touch.

I remember how I used to worry about Josh not having enough boys to play with since our group was mostly girls. That is so not a problem now. We’ve got kids of all ages, from babies up to teenagers. It was so neat to watch them all interacting together today. Homeschoolers so often hear other people worrying about their lack of socialization; it was obvious today that none of these kids lack social skills. The boys ran around being spies, climbing on the equipment and capturing turtles and lizards at the creek. The girls played and sat around talking and giggling. And, the teens wandered around in pack, chatting and listening to their iPods. They didn’t look the least bit unsocialized.

With the busyness of the week, we didn’t really do any fun, hands-on projects. We just tried to stay caught up. However, starting Monday, we’re going to put aside our ancient Rome studies for a few weeks and begin studying modern Italy for our homeschool group’s annual Around the World Day in mid-October. We always have so much fun preparing for Around the World Day and it’s always at the time of the year where we could all stand a break from our regular studies.
We have, for the past four years, used this general unit study as our basis for our country study for ATWD, although, for the record, we have never had any success getting any information from a country’s embassy. There’s also a series of books that I like to use for our spine book called Welcome to My Country. It covers each country’s history, economy, government, religion, etc. Although each chapter is brief, it gives a nice overview and makes a great starting off point for further study.

I feel a little less prepared for our presentation of Italy than I have for the last few countries we’ve done, as far as having actual things from that country to display. When we did Kenya, for example, my father-in-law had been there and brought things back. We also had a lady who was traveling there generously offer to send us some goodies. She was a complete stranger and we were overwhelmed by her generosity. We have nothing like that for Italy, though, so, for the first time in a couple of years, everything on our table will be homemade.

It will be fun, though, and we all look forward to the next several weeks of studying Italy. Now, though, I believe I’m off to bed. If it’s any testament to how busy we’ve been, it’s been six hours since I started this post. I’ve just now found time to finish it. I never did get that nap, but I’m sincerely hoping that I’ll get the sleeping in part.

If you’re not too busy having a great weekend, leave a comment and tell me how your week went.


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  1. Well, we had a class at the aquarium on Monday, Tuesday we worked on our study of Giant Panda’s/China-my oldest had Irish Step Dancing class…she teaches two classes and takes one class herself, Wednesday we had our ice-skating lessons (all 6 kids), Thursday I started my women’s bible study..studying the book of Numbers (or In The Wilderness, as it was originally called)-in the afternoon we had Kid’s Club…a bible club (all 6 go-2 teach and 4 participate)-I invited some new friends-they all came! We snuck out to Starbucks while the kids hung out…, Friday was ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’…so my oldest had us in stitches all day.

    Lots of other stuff…mostly laughter and much joy at how blessed I am. Lately I find myself laughing and stopping to give thanks. *which is good, because sometimes the waiting part of adoption can feel crushing…but God is dropping his moments of JOY!

    hope you got to sleep in!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. First it’s nice to know that someone ese has not started their ATWD projecct yet, and doesn’t feel behind the 8 ball. There is hope for me yet. Thanks for the unit study link, I have been dreading starting as I couldn’t figure out where to start. Now I have a place and it seems “doable”. I don’t even know if we will be in Russia at the time of ATWD or not… but at least I can get as prepared as we can.

  3. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for some used curriculum (you lit up on the “Latina Christiana” search). I love your blog and will make a point to stop back to see what your “weird, unsocialized” children are up to! Keep keepin’ on, Sister! Blessings on your family!

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