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We’re wrapping up our third busy week for this school year today. No fancy projects to post about, but it has been a fun week.

Josh and Megan have moved into the 3rd level Scaredy Cat book and, in addition to the games that we play for that, have been enjoying some of our old favorites from Games to Make, such as “Space Mission” and “Crocodile Snap!”. I need to nose around on there this weekend and see if I can adapt some of the games for Nim, who will be joining us next week. (I’m starting to get really nervous about my ability to effectively juggle one more kid, so I covet your prayers.)

I’m hoping to get some rice and a big, plastic bin this weekend to put the rice table together. It’s supposedly for Nim, but I know that all the kids will enjoy it…well, okay, not Brianna. The reason I know the younger kids will love it is because my friend, Susan has one and all the kids, big and little, play in hers every time we’re over there.

Josh is terribly excited to be starting a new math book today. It’s just the 2nd workbook of the Horizons Math 2 set, but, for some reason, it’s always fun to start a new book.

Brianna, who has never really learned cursive because of the difficulty she has had “seeing” cursive letters due to the vision problems she’s had, has been working in Handwriting for a Reason and has been writing beautifully.

When I realized that Josh, Megan and I were moving a bit too quickly through SOTW and were going to finish before Brianna was finished with her study of ancient Rome, I quickly ran over to my friend, Veronica Maria’s Pixilated School Notes and swiped some ideas from her Ancient Rome unit study. I got the book, “Spend the Day in Ancient Rome” for next week and have some fun things lined up to do with it.

For this week, however, we had fun dressing a Roman soldier. While the kids worked on that, we discussed the meaning of “putting on the whole armor of God” (Eph. 6:13-17 ) with relation to significance of the pieces of Roman armor.

Today, we’ll be finishing up our unit on Order Crocodilian from Christian Kids Explore Biology by making a notebook page about the members of the order and some of their characteristics.

And, we’ve been plugging away with Latin. All the kids seem to have the table blessing down and I’ve been really impressed with how much Josh and Megan are remembering and getting out of it. I wound up not slowing down for them after all.

I’m also impressed with how well Brianna has done with scheduling her time, completing her work and reading all her independent reading. She’s becoming a very dependable, responsible kid where her schoolwork is concerned, which is a huge help to me.

I think that it for my kudos for my kids this week. 😉 What’s been going on in your school this week?

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  1. You’re getting me excited to get started. Maybe I need to have the boys read your blog so they can get excited too? 😉
    Love the Roman soldier and relating the armour of God to the armour he wears. great idea.

  2. Hi! I don’t homeschool, but I did see that you are on Rebecca’s blog tour. Me too! Can’t wait to read yours. I loved the book!

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