Works for Me Wednesday: Water Bottles

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Since I’ve been making healthy changes in my eating habits, I’ve encouraged, but, for the most part, not required the kids to make healthier choices, as well.  It’s been my hope that, if I didn’t make a battleground of if, as they saw the positive changes taking place in my health and my body, they would be encouraged to make changes as well.

One of the points I’ve really been pushing lately is beverage choices.  The kids drink sugary beverages like tea and Kool-aid the majority of the time, like I used to.  Lately, Josh has been asking if he could drink water out of one of the two water bottles that I keep in the fridge for myself.  I wondered aloud what was so special about my water when he could get his own right out of the fridge door.

“It’s not cold enough,” he replied.  I completely understand that since that’s exactly why I keep my water in the fridge.

So, last week when I was at Wal-mart, I found these cute little water-cooler-looking water bottles for just under a dollar.  They even came in the kids’ colors.  I filled them up and placed them in the fridge…and I’ve been shocked at how well this has worked!

water bottle

With the exception of Brianna, who hasn’t really been impressed, Josh and Megan have been guzzling water.  They keep their jugs filled all the time and a couple of days ago Megan even drank water out of her bottle with her lunch, rather than tea!  If I’d known how well this was going to go over with the kids, I’d have bought them water bottles a long time ago.

If they keep it up, I’ll be investing in BPA-free bottles for them soon.

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  1. We experience the dame thing! I refill a six pack of store-bought water bottles and put them in the fridge. I drink about three of those every afternoon. My kids love to snag them and drink them too.

    I purchased those cute bottles you showed for my younger two to take in their lunches. Thankfully they both prefer water over anything else.

    But I think I will buy some more for the fridge since our store bought bottles are getting a little ratty.

  2. I love reading your posts. They are very encouraging to me. My girls have always loved those little containers and the idea of their own water bottles.

  3. Isn't it funny how something so simple can make them change their behavior completely? My kids drink tons of water simply because its one of the few things they can get for themselves. Mean mommy buys other beverages in HUGE jugs that they can't pour themselves. Pretty much the only way to get their own drink is to use the water dispenser on the door of the fridge. Mwa, ha, ha…lets just hope they never catch on to my evil plot. LOL

  4. I'm sitting here watching my daughter finish math and drink out of her little water bottle from Wal-Mart, as well! I'm trying to have better beverage choices myself, and I found that keeping just milk in the house (and maybe Sprite on occasion) reduces choices and forces them to drink water. They actually like it now!

  5. I just went shopping at Target last night hoping to purchase 3 water bottles for my boys- at least $10 each, I just couldn't do it. I read an article (can't remember where) that stated if your child is prone to "melt downs" and irrational behavior later in the day, it could be lack of water. Ever since then, I have required my boys to keep a cup of water on the table next to them to sip while we do school- it has made a huge difference for my ds#2. We had a big spill problem last week though-hence my search for a water bottle. Plus I think my boys would be motivated by their "own" water bottle. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband is always teasing me about drinking lots of water saying "Mommy and her self righteous water"… He prefers sweet tea. I like it too but water is my drink of choice after about 10:00am… Before that it's all about coffee!

  7. I have learned how to subtly make changes in my family. I stopped buying Kool-Aid, but didn't really tell them "We are no longer drinking Kool-Aid." After reading about how sugar and food dyes effect kids, I KNEW I had to do it. Then, when that was adjusted, I stopped buying pop. Kids get enough at other people's houses and I will buy it for birthdays.

    After they adjusted, I began instructing them about the nutritional value and label reading. Then, I began buying whole grain breads and refused to hear their fussing about liking white bread. Now that my kids are grown, they thank me, but at the time they were not happy. Keep choosing to do what is best for you and your family. You won't regret it!

  8. I need to get something like that! I'm working on transitioning my kids away from sippy cups, and I'm not quite ready for them to have open cups yet other than when we're eating a meal at the table; if I can get them to drink plain water out of it, bonus!

  9. One of my dc drinks water almost all the time (which just happened this year and of her own accord), but the other will only drink "bottled" water, not water out of the tap, regardless of how it's presented.

  10. Too keep them from using the "I'm thirsty" delay tactic at bedtime, my boys keep water bottles in bed. That way I don't have to worry about a glass being knocked over or about boys procrastinating around the house post-bedtime.

  11. yuck. right before i hit enter, i noticed i typed "too" instead of "to". *sigh* yup, i learns em real good in homeschool!

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