Benefits of working out with teens

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An unexpected development has taken place. My kids, who have watched my health transformation as slightly interested bystanders over the last few years, have decided that they want to improve their health, too. They want to start running with me.


Now that camps are over for the summer, we’re ready to put our plan into place. The goal is to run/walk together three days a week, slowly building up their speed, distance, and endurance. I’ve had to convince them that they can’t just go out and run a few miles – that it’s okay to start slowly. To run a bit, then, walk before they’re exhausted. That it’s okay if Mom, who’s been running a lot longer, has more endurance than they do, at first. That it’s not a competition.

We’ve even discussed the possibility that we may be on the brink of turning over a surprising new family leaf – that because we’ll already be up early to run, we may actually start school at a more socially acceptable hour. And, have more relaxed afternoons.

I don’t know quite where this is going to take us, but I’m really hoping that it doesn’t fizzle out before we get started because I think there are amazing benefits to be had from working out with my kids – and I’m discussing that very concept today at Simple Homeschool. Head over to read my thoughts on the benefits of working out with teens.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, Kris. As you know we are currently upping the ante with our family exercise and I am surprised by the calming affect exercise has on all my pre-teens.
    I love the idea of jogging as a family but it still seems a little out of my reach. I’m doing 1 hour walks at the moment and I am hurting in places I didn’t know existed until now!
    You are very inspiring.

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