How and Why You Should Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

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Do you celebrate homeschool milestones? Our kids work hard learning every day. Try Erin’s tips for recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments.

Written by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholars.

Do you celebrate homeschool milestones? Our kiddos work hard on their education every day, and their accomplishments should be recognized. It’s easy to start some lovely traditions that involve engaging and meaningful fun for those special days.

Think about it. Kids in public and private schools get an end of year awards ceremony and acknowledgments during each term. But it can be easy to overlook homeschoolers because, well, they’re homeschooled.

How and Why You Should Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

Acknowledging Homeschool Accomplishments

When my son completed his 4th-grade math, we threw a pizza party. He had genuinely struggled with learning the multiplication tables that year, so this was a significant accomplishment for him. My husband and I agreed that some merrymaking was in order.

I think that was when I realized the need to celebrate overcoming tough things, and my son appreciated having all his hard work acknowledged.

My daughter, on the other hand, LOVES when I print out her diplomas after completing new and harder levels in her reading program. She likes for me to hang them up on the refrigerator.

All About Reading

Then I take her to get ice cream.

We enjoy celebrating special homeschool landmarks, whether it’s completing a book series or math curriculum or simply welcoming a new school year.

I always try to plan and prepare for these special days in which we can celebrate turning points, efforts, and breakthroughs.

How to Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

Milestones to Celebrate in Your Homeschool

While I make sure to acknowledge the process and struggle of learning in the moment, I also want to honor my kiddos’ milestones.

Those accomplishments may include:

  • Kindergarten graduation
  • Completion of programs such as All About Reading, Smartick Math or other curriculums
  • Finishing a read-aloud or book series
  • Extracurricular activity completions like 4-H fairs, dance performances, geography bees at co-op, and sports competitions
  • Moving up a grade
  • 8th-grade graduation
  • High school graduation
  • Beginning of a new school year
  • End of the school year (5 Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year)
How to Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

Ideas for Celebrating Homeschool Milestones

Make the rewards personal to each of your children. That could look like taking a nature-loving kid on a weekend camping trip after the completion of their next grade level. Or maybe throwing a pizza party with friends for finishing a set number of books. How about a Lego mini-figure for completing a math curriculum?

Perhaps you can surprise them or talk about their achievement celebration beforehand to find out what they’d prefer. Often as they get older, kids’ preferences for celebrating will change.

Here are some fantastic ideas and tips to help you recognized special homeschool milestones:

  • Have a special meal or treat (my kids are fond of ice cream and pizza)
  • Throw a party (book, dance, or poetry teatime party, for example)
  • Print out a diploma and display it in a place of honor
  • Go on a special field trip (aquarium, museum, theater, or zoo)
  • Give a small gift (anything your child is into be it science, nature, or games)
  • One-on-one time

There is no wrong way to celebrate your child’s learning accomplishments. Granted, sometimes the simple act of accomplishing a hard thing is its own reward.

How to Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

Remember, every child is unique. They all learn at their own pace and in their own way, so be sure to celebrate your kiddo’s unique and individual milestones. Do what works best for your child and your family to recognize your homeschooler’s hard work and effort.

What special things have you done to celebrate your child’s accomplishments?

How and Why You Should Celebrate Homeschool Milestones

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  1. I just offered my son a trip to the Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen (his favorite place to get dessert) when he can fluently read Genesis 1.

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