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Changes Are Coming

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I’ve got some big changes on the way and I hope you’ll follow along. I’m getting a big blog make-over and making the move to Word Press.

Part of that big make-over includes merging Eclipsed with my homeschool blog. Why the merge? Well, when I first started my weight-loss journey it was such a deeply personal thing that I felt like it needed its own space.

Now, though, fitness is just a part of who I am, so it seems silly (not to mention time-consuming) to maintain two blogs when they’re both such a part of me.

What’s going to change for you? Well, Eclipsed is going to get a new name, a new look, and a bit of its own personal space on my homeschool blog. I plan to post on weight-loss and fitness-related topics at least once a week.

I still want to continue to encourage each of you in your own journeys. I know that many of you are homeschooling moms like me, so taking charge of your health also means figuring out how that fits into your life as a homeschooling mom and what it looks like for your family.

So, I hope you’ll continue to follow along. If you’re a subscriber – or if you become one – you’ve got a chance to win!

See, for the most part, the move should be pretty seamless for you. Eclipsed should redirect to my new home on the web, but one thing that will be changing is Google Friend Connect. It’s going away for Word Press users. If this is how you follow Eclipsed:

GFC2_thumb[2]Google Friend Connect, that you’ll sign up to follow Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers through email or RSS feed.

As a thank you, I’ll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one subscriber. This includes existing subscribers, too. So, if you already read WUHS in a reader or through email, you can enter, too.

Once you’ve subscribed, the next email or RSS feed post will contain a giveaway code at the bottom of the post, under my signature. (If you’re already a subscriber, it should be there now.) You’ll need this code to enter the giveaway. Just enter the info requested and the giveaway code. That it’s!

If everything goes as planned, the move should take place late next Friday night, June 1. I’ll draw a winner then and notify the winner via email. Head on over to WUSH to enter!

I look forward to seeing you at my new digs soon!

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