10 Awesome Games for Guaranteed Family Fun

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The Coke and Chinese checkers are what stand out in my mind. When I was a kid, and we’d go to visit my grandparents on Sunday afternoons, my grandmother would pull a 32-ounce glass bottle coke out of the storage closet. That was for five people to share, by the way. You know, the same size that you pick up for one person when you hit Sonic for happy hour.

Then, she’d pull out the Chinese checkers. I was the only kid, but I had just as much fun playing as the adults. Unless my uncle was there. Then, you might as well not play because you were going to lose anyway.

10 Family Game Ideas

Do you know what holiday happens the week of the fourth Thursday in November? Nope, not Thanksgiving. That’s just one day. The whole week is National Game and Puzzle Week!

Yeah, for real. And what better week? Most of us spend more time than usual with friends and family that week. Plus, after Thanksgiving dinner, instead of a nap, you can pull out your favorite games and enjoy some family time.

If you need some ideas for National Game and Puzzle Week – or anytime, try some of our family’s favorite games.

1. Clue.

I’m the long-reigning Clue champion among my friends and family. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or proud that I have trained my young Padawan oldest daughter well. She’s giving a go at knocking off my crown.

2. Aggravation.

The Aggravation board we play on is one that my husband brought with him, minus marbles and dice, when we married over 24 years ago. Josh doesn’t care for the game, and Brianna will only join in sometimes, but Brian, Megan, and I love the game. And, we’re very competitive. Serious smack-talk is always involved.

3. Skip-Bo.

We can get most everyone to play Skip-Bo with us. Played like a cross between Rummy and Uno, Skip-Bo is a relatively simple card game for players around 8 and up.

4. Phase 10.

Another card game with a Rummy feel that we enjoy is Phase 10. Each phase (or level) has a different goal. Only the first player to reach the goal completes that phase to move on to the next. Everyone one else has to try the phase again. The first player to complete all 10 phases wins.

5. Yahtzee.

I’ve loved Yahtzee since I was a kid playing it with my mom and step-dad. It’s also one of those games that lets you sneak in a little math in a fun way.

10 Family Game Ideas

6. Scrabble.

Okay, I listed Scrabble because it’s one of my favorites and I love to play if I can get someone to play with me. But, I usually can’t. Thankfully, Words with Friends, so there’s that. Still, I thought I’d mention Scrabble in case you’ve got more word nerds in your family than I do.

7. Chinese checkers.

I mean, obviously, after the opening story about my paternal grandmother, the queen of Chinese checkers.

8. Guesstures.

A fast-action, charade-type game, Guesstures is one of our family favorites. We usually play girls against the guys with plenty of good-natured smack talk.

9. Pictionary.

Pictionary tops our list of family favorites, too – except we never play the way you’re supposed to. We use the cards and play Win-Lose-or-Draw-style on the dry erase board.

10. Uno Attack.

If you like Uno, you’ll love Uno Attack. It’s so much fun – well, except when it’s your turn to push the button, and it shoots about a dozen cards out at you. But other than that.

These games top my family’s list of favorites. Take these family game idea, go forth, and enjoy National Game and Puzzle Week or just a good, ol’ family game night with your crew!

What are some of your family’s favorite games to play together?

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  1. I have a crew that loves scrabble. My mother always wins. Clue and Uno attack are also big hits. We think my kids love Apples to Apples best.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I’m with you on word games. We’re away on holiday at Center Parcs this week and I optimistically brought our lovely big pink Scrabble set, plus Bananagrams. My mum’s joining us so hopefully she’ll give me a game, even if no one else will! I’m Lucindaleo on WWF if you ever fancy a game.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. We play Pictionary the same way!! We had friends over 2 weeks ago and we played that way for hours! I love Rummy, Rumicub, Yahtzee and Farkle. Othello is fantastic for 2 people. My daughter loves LIFE and Monopoly (me-not so much.)

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