How to Make Valentine’s Day Slime (& 3 Ways to Use It)

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Glitter and slime. Two words that strike fear in the hearts of parents and glee in the hearts of children. But let’s talk about how to make Valentine’s Day slime!

Since I believe learning should be fun and hands-on as much as possible, I’m going to make the case that making glitter slime can be educational. Every once in a while we need to set aside our dread of messes just to have a little educational fun, right? Come on! You can do it!

Valentine's Day Slime

Written by Sara of Heart and Soul Homeschooling.

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion to show your love and loosen up a little in your homeschool. Give this Valentine’s Day slime a try for some magical homeschool moments!

Valentine's Day slime

How to Make Valentine’s Day Slime

This borax-free slime recipe only requires a few inexpensive ingredients that you likely already have on hand in your home. Because it’s borax-free, it’s not harsh on skin either, so it’s safer to play with. (If you have very young children, though, make sure they don’t try to eat it! It is pretty, but it contains dish soap.)

Supplies for Valentine’s Day Slime

Valentine's Day slime: ingredients needed

How to Make Borax-Free Valentine’s Day Slime

Step One: Add 3/4 cup of cornstarch to a small bowl.

Step Two: Sprinkle in glitter.

Valentine's Day slime: step 1

Step Three: Add 1/2 cup of dish soap to the bowl.

Step Four: Begin mixing with a craft stick.

Valentine's Day slime: step 3
Valentine's Day slime: step 3

Step Five: As the slime begins to clump together, you will want to begin kneading by hand. Before you do, put a little cornstarch on your hands to keep it from sticking too much.

Valentine's Day slime: step 4
Valentine's Day slime: step 5

Step Six: When the slime is smooth and not too sticky, it is ready to play with!

Valentine's Day slime: step 6

Step Seven: Store in an airtight container when not in use. It will dry out and clump up eventually if you don’t keep it sealed.

How to Use the Valentine’s Day Slime

As a Party Craft

This would be a fun project to do with a local homeschool group for a Valentine’s Day party. We used to have a party every year with our local homeschool group, and the kids had a chance to make and exchange Valentines with each other and make creative craft projects like this Valentine’s Day slime.

Valentine's Day slime

In Your Math Lessons

Need a reason to call slime educational? Check out this post: 6 Fun Ways to Teach Math Using Slime.

As a Sensory Activity

Many young children (and even older ones, to be honest) enjoy doing sensory activities. This Valentine’s Day slime is a great way to meet a sensory need or provide some fun sensory play.

If you have fidgety kids, there are lots of ways to help them focus, and sensory play is definitely something to consider! 

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Sara Jordan is a homeschooling mom of three creative girls. They believe in literature-rich learning with living books. Relaxed, delight-directed learning is their approach so they follow interests and explore ideas to encourage a lifelong love of learning. Their emphasis is on nurturing creativity, curiosity, character, and connection. Sara is an author/speaker/consultant who loves to inspire other homeschool moms on her blog, Heart and Soul Homeschooling, and with the resources she creates in the Heart and Soul Homeschooling shop. You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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