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My Fitness Swap

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In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, I announced the Fitness Swap, in which ladies would be paired up for a few weeks of getting to know each other, sharing support and swapping emails.  At the end of the swap time, they’d send each other a little goody bag of weight-loss related stuff.

Well, I’ve gotta tell you, I have absolutely loved getting to know my fitness swap buddy, Lisa.  If we get enough interest in doing future swaps, I’m wondering how long it will take y’all to get suspicious when Lisa and I keep getting paired up, because I’ll just be honest – I’m not ready to give up my swap buddy.  I’ve already made Lisa agree to keep emailing me.

It’s not as stalker-ish and it sounds.  Really.

Like me, Lisa is a homeschooling mama and a Biggest Loser fan.  See?  We were bound to hit it off.  Of course, she is coordinated enough to really enjoy Zumba classes, so it’s obvious that we weren’t, like, separated at birth or something.  Unless, of course, she got all the coordination genes.  Of course, I think I’m a bit older than her, too, so there is that.

Lisa has been an incredible source of support and inspiration to me.  When I received the package she sent, it also became very evident that she’s one of those people who is very good at gift-giving.  I was absolutely delighted with the everything she sent!  There was even one thing that almost made me cry.  I’ll be embarrassed to tell you exactly which thing that was…but I will.

First of all, she individually wrapped almost everything, so it was just like Christmas morning!


Look at all the goodies!


There were three encouraging quotes, typed up with graphics added and placed in magnetic photo frames, so they were ready to go right from the box to my fridge door.


Then there was this great plaque, which reads: “Live the life you’ve always imagined.”


There was a food and exercise journal:


Three magazines, which were perfect for me because I love to read and I’d just been searching for a new weight-loss or health-related magazine to read:


If you noticed that the one on top has an article by Jillian Michaels, you can probably guess which one I started reading first.  In addition to all that, there was a notepad, pens, and apple chips for healthy snacking.

The package from Lisa absolutely made my day.  So, just a heads up, if you think you’re signing up for the next Fitness Swap so you can get Lisa as a fitness buddy, well, as Edward (Twilight) would say, “I hope you like disappointment.”

Okay, okay.  I’m kidding.  Maybe.

So, have you guessed yet which gift almost made me cry?  I said I’d tell you, so here it is, right up there with my kids, both biological and sponsored:


Yep, it was Yoda, whose quote “Do or do not – there is not try,” has become my mantra.  No, I’m not kidding.  I think it’s the fact that Lisa took the time to make something for me that embodies my whole mindset about weight-loss this time.  And, the picture couldn’t be more perfect – you can just see the steely determination on Yoda’s face.  That’s the way I feel about reaching my weight-loss goals – determined.

Thank you, Lisa!  I had such a great time getting to know you and your thoughtfulness has meant the world to me.

Now, it’s your turn.  Post about your fitness swap.  I can’t wait to read about everybody else’s experience! 

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Did you like this article? If so, please help by sharing it!


  1. Oh Kris! You made my day with that post. I'm still smiling!!!! 😉 Off to get mine done…oops! Not that you weren't a great partner – obviously – it's my old brain. 😉

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