A New (Out)Look for the Weekly Weigh-In

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After over two years of weighing in once a week here on Eclipsed and inviting you to join me, I think it’s time for a change.

As you know, the last few weeks have been a bit frustrating for me and the last few months have sounded a bit like a broken record, as I’ve reported, for the most part, small gains and small losses the really amount, more than anything, to maintaining my weight-loss.

After deciding that I am going to recommit myself to really working to reach my goal of 125 pounds, there is still a little bit of that “refocusing” mentality floating around in my head – which isn’t a bad thing.

I’ll just tell you, I had a little bit of a gain again this week. That’s five weeks straight of small gains that keep me hovering right around where I was last August. If I chose to focus on that, I could easily get frustrated and give up.

However, yesterday when I was setting up my new fitness log, I noticed some changes that I found very exciting. From the first time that I started my fitbook (about a year ago), I have lost more than 20 pounds. I’ve also lost 3” in my bust, 2” in my arms, 4” in my waist, 4” in my hips, 2” in my thighs. That’s exciting!

Those aren’t the only changes I noticed, though. My big workout goal, at that time, was to build up to running for 20 minutes at a time. Now, I’m getting ready to run my second half-marathon a week from Saturday! I never, ever – back when I couldn’t run for 20 minutes at a time – would have thought I could do that.

So, while the number on the scale is a good indicator of where we all stand, as far as our overall health goes, it isn’t – and shouldn’t be – the only indicator. So, from here on out – especially as I approach maintenance – I want to shift the focus from only the number on the scale to other indicators of fitness progress.

What can you do that you couldn’t do a month ago? What progress have you made this week over last week? What positive changes have you made that have really begun to stick? What does your measuring tape say? How are your clothes fitting? What does your food log say about your overall health?

There’s more to fitness than a scale. Let’s celebrate the positive changes rather than being tempted to define our success by a number on a scale, knowing that some degree of fluctuation is normal.

How fit are you this week?

  • I have logged my food for two days.
  • I have done my strength training for two days.
  • I have ignored the mini-Heath bars in my fridge since sometime last week.
  • I have eaten a healthy breakfast every day this week.
  • I have done cardio every day this week.
  • I have consumed healthy amounts of water every day this week.
  • I did not ask my husband to go out and get me a Frosty last night, even though I really wanted one.
  • I have made a conscious effort to eat well-balanced meals, including lots of fruits and veggies this week.

Your turn!

Do or do not. There is no try.

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