One Year Anniversary!

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NOTE: This article was written by Kris, the founder and previous owner of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 

Today is an exciting day!  It was the Monday before Thanksgiving last year that I started my weight-loss journey (tomorrow is technically the anniversary, date-wise).  I never in my wildest dreams really thought I’d be as successful as I’ve been.  I decided that weekend before that I would start on Monday, but I spent more time getting ready to launch this blog than I did getting ready to launch my weight-loss journey.

It’s hard to describe what it felt like getting started that day.  I dreaded stepping on the scale, but I was mad getting on the treadmill.  I really felt like I was starting this thing against my will, though there was no one forcing me but me.  I felt like it was a complete waste of time.  I was doing it just to prove to myself that it was a waste of time, just so I could say I tried.

Somehow, though, by the end of that first week, my enthusiasm and determination had caught up with my actions.  Part of it was y’all.  I have 47 comments on that first post — forty-seven people who either said they’d take this journey with me or would cheer me on as I went.  You all don’t know what an inspiration and encouragement you’ve been to me.

Our pastor’s message yesterday was the perfect thing for me to share with you all as I begin the second year of getting fit — the year when I will reach my goal weight for the first time ever.  While our pastor did apply his message to our Christian walk, he, too, used the analogy of weight-loss and pointed out that the thoughts he was sharing apply to many areas of life.

He said,

“Commitments never result in anything.  Consistency does.”

How many times have you “committed” to lose weight?  I know that I had previously done so dozens of time.  I can tell you that “lose weight” topped my New Year’s resolutions at least 16 years running.  That commitment never got me anywhere.  It wasn’t until I started taking action daily — working out, counting my calories, making better food choices — that I started to see results.

My pastor also pointed out that,

“Every opportunity adds to or subtracts from the results.”


Every time I make the choice to exercise, eat healthy foods, drink water, take the stairs, or get active adds to my weight-loss results.  Every time I decide to sleep in instead of getting up to workout, have “just one” cookie, or get just one more refill on my sweet tea rather than sticking to one glass at meals subtracts from my results.

“Consistency grows to results.”

Fat jeans

All those little choices add up — for good or for bad.  You don’t have to make the choice to change your whole life right now, you just have to choose to make one good choice.  Then, one more.  Then, one more.  Those choices may not seem like much, but they add up to pay great dividends.  Ladies, we didn’t get overweight by eating one cookie.  It was through a series of little daily choices.  We’re not going to reach our goals by skipping one cookie, either, but through a series of good choices that add up.

“We cannot catch up on consistency.”

We can’t skip our workouts all week long and have a power session on Saturday.  We can’t eat whatever we want for a month and think that one week is going to change us overnight.  It’s consistent, daily choices that are going to make or break us.  “Commitment without consistency is empty.”

Before & After Nov. 2010

And, finally,

“Consistency needs accountability.”

I think that has been a huge part of my success.  This blog has kept me accountable to you.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped a weekly weigh-in to have somebody email me or leave me a comment and check up on me.

My bodybugg has been part of my accountability.  I know exactly how many calories I’ve burned.  I can’t say that I didn’t know I wasn’t active enough today.  My bodybugg tells me exactly how I’m doing.  I can’t say I didn’t know how many calories I’ve consumed, if I’m logging my foods.  And, if I don’t log my foods or check my bodybugg stats, who I am lying to but myself?

“There is accountability in everything in life in which you’re consistent.”

Do you get a paycheck?  (Yeah, me either.)  That’s accountability.  Do you have to log your school days with your county schools?  That’s accountability.  Do you get a ticket if you’re caught speeding?  Accountability.  Does your mother-in-law come to visit whenever you’ve gotten behind on laundry and housework?  Okay, that’s just Murphy’s Law.  Sorry.

“Growth comes through accountability and consistency.”

Want to know why I started trying to lose weight the week of Thanksgiving?  Because I’d tried a million times and failed.  Because I knew that if the only success I had that week was drinking more water and less tea and Coke, that would be better than doing the same old things and still drinking tea and Coke.  Because I knew I had to do something.  I’m so glad I did.

Do not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
— Galatians 6:9

Don’t wait till New Year’s to make another empty commitment.  Start making consistent changes today — this week.  Every opportunity adds to or subtracts from the results.  Make the most of your opportunities this week.

You’re worth it!  You can do it!  You have it within you to make positive changes in your life.  You know how I know?  Because I discovered that I had it within me all along.  I just had to do it.

Do or do not.  There is no try.

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  1. You look great!! Thank you so much for this post. I truly needed it. I need to lose another 70 pounds or so and I Know I can do it. I just need to get up off my butt and do it instead of talking about it. I plan on posting more about it on my blog. Again, thanks for this post!

  2. I am writing down the quotes for my frig through my tears. Thank you for the inspiration. I am also writing down "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Thank you.

  3. You have done wonderful in getting the weight off and maintaining!!! You will reach goal because I know how committed you are!

    On a side note, I ordered a kettlebell workout today. I can't wait to get it and try it out!!

  4. Congratulations! I can't believe a year just zipped by. I've been waiting for this post since day one. How exciting! Your family must be so proud of you! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your weight-loss journey!

  5. Thank you for posting this. It was so motivating to read it, and so convicting as well. You are looking so great. That pic of you holding last year's jeans up is incredible. I know I've only known you from reading your blog, but I am so proud of you!

  6. This is an amazingly-timed post for me. I've made that empty promise year after year on New Years, and I told myself that today I AM going to walk on my treadmill. I'm not waiting until January this year. Just in the last month I've gained 2 pounds thanks to ramped up baking and Halloween candy and the like….I still haven't undone all of the work I did through the year but I'm heading that way!

    It wont be magic, and yes…I'm resentful that I have to spend time on my treadmill today, but I'm tired all the time and everything always hurts and I'm exhausted walking from my yard to my house in 8 inches of snow….and I'm only 27 years old….THAT'S NOT OK!!

    When I get home today I'll be starting my own weight-loss blog and I'll be starting my own just-before-Thanksgiving weight loss journey! Thank you so much for the inspiration to start making small, better choices one little choice at a time!!

    Great job to you, I can only imagine how GOOD 65 pounds gone must feel!!

  7. i am so stinkin proud of you! you look BeAUTIFUL! and your inner beauty just GLOWS! how wonderful to have the motivation & dedication to focus on your health. you are an inspiration to many!

  8. Wow, Kris, you've done a great job and you look so much better than you did this time last year! All your hard work is paying off, keep it up.

  9. I want a bodybug!! You've done a great job, and are so close to your goal! My 2 year anniversary was in December. It feels even better when you are farther from the loss than closer.

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