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When Your Reader Struggles: What May Be Missing

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Between the tears and the slipping progress in schoolwork, you know he’s struggling. But why? The first step in helping your child overcome his struggles is figuring out what’s causing them.

lindamood-bell academy help for reading challenges

Perhaps he is struggling with a more challenging curriculum this year. Do you notice patterns of difficulty?

You may see:

  • struggle with reading words in context (trouble sounding out unfamiliar words)
  • problems remembering what the student read or heard
  • new or increased difficulty spelling with longer, multi-syllable words
  • declining math skills when presented with more complex concepts

Possible Causes of Learning and Reading Challenges

Reading and spelling challenges could result from weak symbol imagery. This weakness affects a student’s ability to visualize letters and sounds within words. It also causes difficulty mastering sight words, reading fluently, and spelling.

Weak concept imagery causes students to get only part of the information they read or hear. This weakness can result in reading, language comprehension, or math struggles. It also interferes with reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing. Sometimes it affects affect math skills because students fail to grasp basic concepts.

Without a solid foundation of symbol and concept imagery, students may develop coping mechanisms. Kids often memorize facts instead of building their reasoning and problem-solving skills. Developing strong symbol and concept imagery are vital to reading, comprehension, and math skills.

Solutions for Learning and Reading Challenges

One solution for learning struggles is getting your child evaluated to find the cause of the difficulties. Evaluation can provide valuable insight. Once they identify the area of weakness, parents and students can work on solutions. Lindamood-Bell’s programs develop the foundational skills that support reading, comprehension, and math. By strengthening these areas, you provide your child with the tools she needs to overcome her academic troubles.

lindamood-bell academy help for reading challenges

At Lindamood-Bell Academy, we offer in-person or online instruction. We work with students to develop the imagery-language foundation for success in language processing. This foundation is essential for success in all curriculum.

We combine instructional expertise with a full curriculum to develop the sensory-cognitive foundation and apply it to academic content. Parents and students can expect the same quality online. Our students do not work alone. Our Academy is successful when traditional approaches are not, even with students with a diagnosis such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, or general learning challenges.

Lindamood-Bell Academy operates in 60+ permanent Learning Centers located throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Make sure you are giving your child a strong foundation for language processing and academic success. Find out if Lindamood-Bell Academy is the right fit for your student!

For more information on Lindamood-Bell Academy, call 800-300-1818 or visit us at www.LindamoodBellAcademy.com.

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