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Reason #52 that I want to lose weight (yes, the reasons are numbered in totally random order):  I want cute lounge pants.  Yep, sometimes it’s the little things, but I want some cute lounge pants with cute little (little being the key word) matching tops to wear with them around the house.

What are some of your reasons?

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  1. I want to wear pants that aren't tight around my bulge-y middle and then baggy right underneath! That would be a nice start!

  2. One (of many) reasons for me: being able to wear my actual wedding band (rather than the fake I am wearing now…) once my fingers deflate a little bit! This one should happen soon.

    Oh…another one is to be able to wrap a towel around myself after a shower or at the pool and have it go ALL THE WAY AROUND…leaving no gaps! Maybe by summertime… 🙂


  3. I so totally know what you mean! Sadly, no matter how skinny I get, due to the size of my large chest, those cute little matching tops are not an option for me. Bummer. But cute pants ~ that works!

  4. of course new cute clothes will totally be a plus but one of the little reasons I want to lose weight is I can't wait to be able to sit down and pull my legs up to my chest. I know it's silly, but I can't do it, not comfortably anyway.

  5. Deanna, that's not silly at all. Another of my reasons is I want to be able to pull my foot up to my knee (so that I can tie my shoes) without having to use my hands to pull my foot up.

    And, Holly, I hear you about the towel. Me, too!

    Jessica, I have big boobs (hey, why be blunt about it?? lol), too, but I'm hoping some of my weight loss is there. I'd love to be a normal C cup.

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